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1968 21 Jun The Universal House of Justice established the Continental Boards of Counsellors to continue the functions of the Hands of the Cause in the protection and propagation of the Faith. [BBD58–9, 97; BW15:611–13; BW17:319; MUHJ4–5; WG141, Mess63-86p130, 21 June, 1968, CEBF112]
  • For details of the eleven Boards and their membership see BW15:612 and WG140–4.
    • Among the eleven people named to the Boards in Africa were three native believers: Oloro Epyeru and Kolonario Oule in Uganda, and Seewoosumbur-Jeehiba Appa in Mauritius.
  • For pictures of the Counsellors see BW15:614, 615, 618, 619, 622, 623, 625, 627.
  • For a history of the development of the institutions of the International Teaching Centre and the Continental boards of Counsellors see BW20p673-693.
  • BWC; Haifa Universal House of Justice; Counsellors; Hands of the Cause; Appointed arm; Universal House of Justice, Basic timeline; - Basic timeline, Expanded; Continental Boards of Counsellors Auxiliary Board Members and assistants

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