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1944 May The first All-American Bahá'í Convention was held. Those elected to the National Spiritual Assembly were: George 0. Latimer, (Chair), Allen McDaniel, (Vice), Horace Holley, (Sec'y), Louis Gregory, (Recording Sec'y), Roy Wilhelm, (Treas), Dorothy Baker, Amelia Collins, Philip Sprague, and Leroy Ioas. [BW No 169 September 1944 p6]
  • For the first time the delegates had been selected at state and provincial conventions by votes from all believers rather than by communities with local assemblies. [BW9:44; PP390]
  • Hilda Yen Male (Hilda Yen) asked to attend the 1944 Baháʼí Annual convention as an observer. She was moved by the spontaneous gestures of welcome and care shown between individuals society normally kept apart as the material demonstration of the ideals of a worldwide unity across all humanity. She requested to enroll as a Baháʼí. She then asked to address the convention as a Baháʼí: "Fellow Baha'is, this is more than a pleasure. It is a miracle that I am participating with you in discussing such important matters. I contacted two denominations and a parliament of religions before I met Julia Goldman, Baha'i, who sowed this seed in my heart. While convalescent from a flying crash, my life was given me for service to God. Julia took me under her wing. I saw God vaguely; then more clearly, through the Baha'i Faith. Then came the battle of Hongkong(sic) where all shared in a common danger and hunger - forced to live the oneness of mankind. At length I secured a priority to fly to America and how do I rejoice to be in this free country! Conferring with Americans I have found this country the best to execute the message of peace. I have been blessed in meeting other Baha'is. I have been deeply impressed by the love and affection among Baha'is. China is well prepared by its sages for the Baha'i Faith. …" [BW No 169 September 1944 p6]
  • North America; United States Conventions, National; Conventions, District; First conventions; Hilda Yen Hilda Yen joins Bahá'í Faith (Wikipedia)

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    1948 1 Feb The first Regional Conventions were held to elect delegates to the upcoming first National Convention. [OBCC308] Conventions; Conventions, District
    1970 11 Oct Mr. Olinga attended the Alberta Regional Convention at Red Deer. He spoke of the essential spiritual nature of the Native people and how they will become strong teachers if visited on the reserves regularly to increase their knowledge of the Faith. [CBN244Nov1970p1-2] Red Deer, AB Hands of the Cause, Activities; Enoch Olinga; Conventions, District Did this meeting in fact take place on Sat the 10th or Sun the 11th?
    1986. 12 Feb The National Spiritual Assembly announced the 77 new electoral districts that would be used to elect the 171 delegates the to the National Convention. This was done in consideration of the direction from the Universal House of Justice in its letter of 21 July 1985. [Bahá'í Canada Vol 8 no 1 Feb/Mar 1986 p28] Conventions, District; Conventions, National

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    1. Bahá'í Conventions, by Moojan Momen, in Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 3 (1989). Brief article, short enough to qualify as "fair use." [about]
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