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2020. 25 Nov The release of Creating an Inclusive Narrative, a publication of the Australian Bahá'í community. Hundreds of discussion were held all across the country to consider the future of their country. The results of the meetings were reported in this document.

The Bahá'ís of Australia embarked on the two year project to facilitate discussion on social cohesion and related questions with hundreds of participants—including officials, organizations of civil society, journalists, and numerous social actors—across all states and territories.

The project began in 2017 and by 2018 the Office of External Affairs had become more engaged. With the encouragement of different social actors and government departments, the idea for Creating an Inclusive Narrative began to take shape. Australia is a country of over 80 ethnic and racial groups in more than 417 localities and the process had to involve diverse voices from different realities throughout the country—east and west, rural and urban, and from the grassroots to the national level. In order for this to scale, many people were involved as facilitators. It was important that facilitators were residents of the areas in which gatherings were taking place ensuring their familiarity with local issues and concerns. This approach meant that facilitators and participants could continue their discussions in between the monthly gatherings, resulting in growing enthusiasm and interest among participants to continue the process. The project eventually sustained monthly gatherings concurrently across several states, resulting in a total of 50 roundtables. [BWNS1504; BWNS1470; BWNS1498]

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  • Australia Creating an Inclusive Narrative (publication)

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    1. Creating an Inclusive Narrative, by Australian Bahá'í Community (2020-11). Culmination of a series of nationwide round tables, conveying the vision of Australians to foster a socially cohesive society. [about]
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