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1969. Jul With regard to the classification of Bahá'í books, in most libraries the listing is according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system employed by the National Library of Congress. While the classification is not yet satisfactory from the Bahá'í standpoint, considerable improvement has been made since the early days of the Faith. The National Spiritual Assembly advised its community that it will continue to follow up with the National Library of Congress for further improvement.

The proper call number of Bahá'í literature is 297.89. The number 297 is given to Islam, and religions under that parentage are listed in that same general sequence. While the Bahá'í Faith is not a branch of Islam, our roots are in that faith, as the roots of Christianity were within Judaism. Most Bahá'í books published in North America under Bahá'í auspices will have the proper call number along with the copyright information inside the front cover.

It was recognized that the changing classifications of library listings is a very serious matter and once any change is made it must remain in effect a very long time in order to avoid the tremendous confusion that frequent changes and revisions would create in the library system involving thousands of local public libraries throughout the country. For this reason they asked that the community not make an issue of this with their local library not take up the question with the National Library of Congress. [Bahá'í National Review Issue 19 July 1969 p4-5]

United States Dewey Decimal Classification; Call Number; Libraries
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