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1947 Oct Noel Wuttunee (Eagle's Tail Feathers) a Cree from Calgary was the first Indigenous Canadian to join the community. [Bahá'í Canada Site; OBCC153]
  • Mention in CBN No38 Feb 1953 p6, "Gerda and Noel Wuttunee are at present residing in this community at 10958 - 84th Avenue and will remain in Edmonton for the winter."
  • In 1950 he served on the "Prairies Indian Committee". [CBN No 15 September 1950]
  • He may have been a resident of Winnipeg originally. [OBCC209-210, 227]
  • See OBCC144 for a photo.
  • See BW12p793 for a photo of Noel and his wife.
  • Edmonton, AB; Calgary, AB noel wuttunee; Eagles Tail Feathers; Prairie Indian Committee
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