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1870 (In the year) The Winkler Prins is a Dutch encyclopedia, founded by the Dutch poet and clergyman Anthony Winkler Prins (1817-1908) which ran through nine editions. The first was issued from 1870 to 1882 in 16 volumes, and the last, numbering 26 volumes, from 1990 to 1993. This final edition, titled De Grote Winkler Prins (the Great Winkler Prins) is one of the most comprehensive works of its kind published so far in any country, containing more than 200,000 articles and references.

Prins, himself a trained minister having studied at the Seminar of Mennonites, also championed the cause of reconciliation between science and religion and was what has been termed "a radical pacificist".

The first edition, while not containing a separate lemma for the Faith, mentions the "Babis" in passing in the article on Persia. From the second edition in 1884, there was mention of the term "Babi" in a quarter-page article. With the publication of each edition, the articles became more informed and for the general public, the Winkler Prins Encyclopedia was probably the most used source of information about the Bahá'í Faith until well after World War II. [; Wikipedia]

  • Today an online subscription-based version of the Winkler Prins is available.
  • Netherlands Encyclopedias; Winkler Prins; Mennonite; Mentions
    2007 5 Mar The start of Bahaipedia - The Bahá'í collaborative encyclopedia. The name Bahaikipedia is a portmanteau of Bahá'í, wiki and encyclopedia. It was later changed to [Bahaipedia] Bahaipedia; Internet; Websites; Encyclopedias
    2020. 8 Oct Ehsan Yarshater, a Persian academic scholar and a historian and linguist by training, founded the Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University, New York in 1968. The center changed its name later to the Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies. He dedicated his life to creating the Encyclopedia that would cover anything Iranian studies related – a comprehensive reference for Iranology. He began to physically publish Encyclopaedia Iranica in 1973 with the first volume becoming available in 1981.

    Approximately 7,100 articles have been published in print or online in the Encyclopedia of Iranica after four decades. If one includes cross-reference, the total of entries would be over 9,000.

    In 1990, Professor Yarshater established the Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation to ensure the continuation of this comprehensive scholarly work. He was the Foundation's President until his passing at the age of 98 in 2018.

    Columbia University and the Encyclopædia Iranica became involved in two lawsuits: In the first, Columbia University asked the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to rule that Columbia owned the copyright of Encyclopedia of Iranica. In the second the EIF accused Columbia university of infringing Iranica's copyrights and misusing their trademarks. A year later, in July 2020, the court granted the EIF a temporary restraining order to prevent Columbia from using the "Encyclopaedia Iranica" name connected with its publications. As a result, Columbia University had to stop publishing facsimile 6 of Volume XVI of the encyclopedia. The restraining order was lifted in October 2020.

    The ruling by the New York court not only granted the Yarshater Center at Columbia University the right to publish Encyclopaedia Iranica but by implication viewed Columbia as the legitimate holder of Iranica's copyright. The legal battle continues. [Radio Maneh]

    New York; NY Encyclopædia Iranica; Encyclopedias; Columbia University; Ehsan Yarshater

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    1. Bahá'í Studies Bulletin: Index by volume, in Bahá'í Studies Bulletin (1998). List of articles in all issues of Bahai Studies Bulletin, 1982-1992. [about]
    2. Bahá'í Faith Seen through the Eyes of Major Encyclopedias, The, by Seena Fazel, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 4:3 (1992). Overview of some themes and organization/structure common to articles about Bahá'í topics published in encyclopedias; includes a list of references to the Bahá’í Faith in major encyclopedias (as of 1992). [about]
    3. Basic Bahá'í Chronology, The, by Glenn Cameron, and Historical Dictionary of the Bahá'í Faith, by Hugh Adamson: Review, by William P. Collins, in Bahá'í Studies Review, 8 (1998). [about]
    4. Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha'i Faith, by Peter Smith, A: Review, by Edwin McCloughan, in Solas, 1 (2001). An invaluable reference book for Bahá'í scholars. [about]
    5. Concise Encyclopedia of the Bahá'í Faith, by Peter Smith: Review, by William P. Collins, in Bahá'í Studies Review, 9 (1999). [about]
    6. Dilemmas and Prospects of Writing a Bahá'í Encyclopedia, by Will C. van den Hoonaard, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 2:1 (1989). The need for a Bahá’í encyclopedia and a description of the nature, organization, and editing of the encyclopedic dictionary project endorsed in 1984 by the United States Bahá’ís; dilemmas which accompany its undertaking.  [about]
    7. Encyclopaedia Iranica: Selected articles related to Persian culture, religion, philosophy and history, by Encyclopaedia Iranica, in Encyclopaedia Iranica (1982-2023). Sorted, categorized collection of links to over 170 articles. [about]
    8. Encyclopaedia of Islam: Bahá'í Selections (1986-2004). 40 articles about, mentioning, or relevant to the Bábí or Bahá'í Faiths. [about]
    9. Encyclopedia of Islam and The Muslim World, by William F. McCants and John Walbridge (2004). Articles on Abdu'l-Bahá, the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh, the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths, Hujjatiya, Persian language and literature, Shaykhism, and Twelver Shi'ism. [about]
    10. Glossary and Index of Terms, in Encyclopaedia of Islam, volume 13 "Index" (2004). Comprehensive glossary of Islam. (Extracted from the final volume, #13. Encyclopedia index not included.) [about]
    11. Internet Communications; Virgin Birth; Encyclopedia; Administrative Order, by Universal House of Justice (1996-02-16). Questions on email discussion groups and the Covenant, the Bahá'í stance on the Virgin Birth of Christ, the spirituality of administrating, the spiritual destiny of the American Bahá'í community, and the status of the Bahá'í Encyclopedia. [about]
    12. Making the Invisible Visible: Introductory Books on the Bahá'í Faith, by Denis MacEoin, in Religion (iFirst), 42:3 (2012-08). Overview of contemporary issues in Bahá'í scholarship from an outsider's perspective, including definition of "New Religious Movement," links to Islam, and the succession of authority in light of the truncated guardianship and the lack of schisms. [about]
    13. Mentions of the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths in Encyclopedia Iranica: Sixty Excerpts, by Hamid Algar and Moojan Momen, in Encyclopaedia Iranica (1985-2013). Excerpts of 60 articles in the Encyclopedia, with links to the offsite originals, which contain a reference to the Faith. These items are not long enough to warrant a separate entry in this Library, yet are included here for ease of discovery. [about]
    14. Polish Response to Soviet Anti-Bahá'í Polemics, The, by Jan T. Jasion, in Associate, 29 (1999 Winter). Response of non-Bahá'í scholars to Marxist-Leninist polemics and attacks on the Bahá'í Faith, in particular the attitude of Polish scholars writing between 1945 and 1988, while Poland was still a 'satellite' of the Soviet Union. [about]
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