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1920 (in the year) Fanny Knobloch arrived in Mozambique, the first Bahá'í to visit this country. She gave some `drawing room talks' at the mansion of the Portuguese Governor-General and spoke at various clubs. [BW2p40] Mozambique Fanny Knobloch
1920 Jul-Aug Fanny Knobloch, the first Bahá'í teacher in South Africa, arrived in Cape Town. [BW2:40].
  • In her first week she met Miss Busby who within a very short time is the first person to become a Bahá'í in South Africa.
  • Cape Town; South Africa Fanny Knobloch
    1925 (In the year) Fanny Knobloch and her sister Pauline Hannen were the first Bahá’ís to visit Southern Rhodesia. Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Fanny Knobloch; Pauline Hannen

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    1. Knobloch, Fanny, by Robert Stockman (1995). [about]
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