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1945. c. Mar The establishment of the Friends of the Indians Society in Edmonton. Its chief aims "to assist in the promotion of better understanding and grealter cooperation between the Indians and the Canadian people in general" and "to aid in the establishment of the Indian people as an important part of Canadian society." [CBN No63 Apr 1955 p2]
  • Note: The Committee of Friends of the Indian (after 1951 known as the Friends of the Indians Society), was led by Reta Rowan. [Seen but Not Seen: Influential Canadians and the First Nations from the 1840s to Today by Donald B. Smith]
  • Edmonton, AB Friends of the Indians Society
    1955. c. Feb A celebration to mark the 10th anniversary in Edmonton of the Friends of the Indians Society was held with some four hundred white and Native people in attendance.

    The anniversary meeting of the Society, at which Cree First Nations danced with the skill of professionals, First Nations handicrafts and artifacts were displayed, and a full-blooded Haida spoke. His message was directed to the Native people to take up their responsibilities as citizens, to avail themselves of education and adapt themselves to the encroachment of modern civilization.

    The Friends of the Indians (First Nations) Society did much during its 10 years of existence to promote its aims, through monthly meetings to which Indians are invited, through representations to government bodies, by enlightening public opinion through press releases, and through direct welfare and charity when needed. Its present executive committee include a Roman Catholic priest, a Unitarian minister, a Mormon elder, a Bahá'í, and others who are able to work together in harmony and unity. {CBN No63 PE 1955 P3]

    Edmonton, AB Friends of the Indians Society
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