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1861 .c Hájí Ákhúnd (Mullá ‘Alí-Akbar-i-Shahmírzádí), Hand of the Cause, became a Bábí in Mashhad. [EB266] Mashhad; Iran Haji Ákhund; Hand of the Cause Haji Akhund (Mulla Ali-Akbar-i-Shahmirzadi); Hands of the Cause
1925 30 Nov Shoghi Effendi appointed Dr. John Esslemont a Hand of the Cause of God.
  • With the passing of Dr Esslemont Shoghi Effendi was left without qualified administrative assistance. This situation remained in place until the formation of the International Bahá'í Council in 1951. [PP92-95, SETPE1p112]
  • Haifa Esslemont; Hand of the Cause of God; Hands appointed posthumously by Shoghi Effendi
    1954 3 Oct Shoghi Effendi designated Martha Root as a Hand of the Cause of God posthumously. She had passed away on September 28, 1939 in Hawaii.
  • Shoghi Effendi called her the ‘archetype of Bahá’í itinerant teachers’, the ‘foremost Hand raised by Bahá’u’lláh since ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s passing’, ‘Leading ambassadress of His Faith’ and ‘Pride of Bahá’í teachers’. [GPB386]
  • Hand of the Cause of God; Martha root find reference
    1976 (In the year) Elizabeth Martin with Chris Lyons made a film called Retrospective, a memoir of Hand of the Cause John Robarts. It included his reminiscences of the Guardian and of the early days of the Faith in Canada. [HNWE36] Toronto; Canada film; Retrospective; Elizabeth Martin; Chris Lyons; Hand of the Cause John Robarts

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