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1957 May About twenty-five different itineraries were arranged for Canadian Bahá'í teachers who served on the Intra-Regional circuits and, in addition, teaching programmes were arranged and organized for several visiting teachers from outside the Dominion, including Mr. Alan Pringle from Honduras and Mrs. Meherangiz Munsiff of the United States. Our Canadian teachers have included the following: Mrs. Laura Davis, Mr. Albert Rakovsky, Mr. Hartwell Bowsfield, Mr. Rowland Estall, Mr; Alan Raynor, Mre. !Peggy Ross, Mrs. Lily Ann Irwin, Mrs. Katherine Moscrop, Mr. Fred Graham, Miss Nancy Campbell, Miss Amy Putnam and Miss Winnifred Harvey. [CBN No88 May 1957 p1]
  • Seven weekend seminars conducted by Allan Raynor on "The Covenant and the Individual" were organized throughout Canada for the deepening, strengthening and confirming of believers and close contacts. [CBN No88 May 1957 p2]
  • Travel Teaching; Alan Pringle; Meherangiz Munsiff; Laura Davis; Albert Rakovsky; Hartwell Bowsfield; Rowland Estall; Alan Raynor; Peggy Ross; Lily Ann Irwin; Katherine Moscrop; Fred Graham; Nancy Campbell; Amy Putnam; Winnifred Harvey
    1960 Mar In the March issue of the Canadian Bahá'í News the National Archivist, Hartwell Bowsfield, and the National Library and Archives Committee made a fresh appeal on behalf of the Hands of the Cause in the Holy Land to send all letters received from Shoghi Effendi to the Archives. [CBN No 122 March 1960 p5] Hartwell Bowsfield; National Archivist; Shoghi Effendi, letters of
    1960. 29 Apr - 1 May The 13th National Convention was held at the Westbury Hotel in Toronto. It was attended by Hand of the Cause Amatu'l-Bahá Ruhíyyih Khánum and Hand of the Cause John Robarts. The 19 delegates selected the following for service on the National Assembly for the year 117: Peggy Ross, (sec'y) Rowland Estall, (chair) Winnifred Harvey, Hartwell Bowsfield, Harold Moscrop, Lloyd Gardner, (vice-chair) Audrey Westheuser, (treas.) Douglas Martin, and Fred Graham. [CBN No 125 June 1960 p1]
  • For the Message from the Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land see [CBN No 125 June 1960 p10].
  • For the message from the Hands of the Faith in the Western Hemisphere to the Annual Convention see [CBN No 125 June 1960 p7].
  • Toronto, ON National Convention; National Spiritual Assembly, election of; Peggy Ross; Rowland Estall; Winnifred Harvey; Hartwell Bowsfield; Harold Moscrop; Lloyd Gardner; Audrey Westheuser; Douglas Martin; Fred Graham
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