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1950 (In the decade) In Iran, the Hujjatiyya Society was started by Shaykh Mahmúd Halabí to persecute and harass the Bahá'ís. [S1296]
  • During the Pahlaví era it confined itself to this end and was called the Anti-Bahá'í Society. [SI296]
  • See The Anti-Bahá'í Society by Mehdi Abedi and Michael M.J. Fischer.
  • Iran Hojjatieh Society; Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Other; Anti-Bahai Society; Persecution
    1953 (In the year) Anjoman-e Hojjatieh ("Society of Allah's Proof Over Creation"), also called the Hojjatieh Society was founded specifically as an anti-Bahá'í organization by a charismatic Shiite Muslim cleric, Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi in the aftermath of the coup d'état of 1953. Between the early 1950s and the early 1970s a great number of the future elite of the Islamic revolution were trained by Hujjatieh. During the 1979 Iranian revolution, the Society was to play an important role in stirring animosity against Bahá'ís. However, in part because of differences in theology—among other things the Hojjatieh believe a truly Islamic state cannot be established until the return of the 12th Imam—the Society fell into disfavour and was banned by the regime in 1984. [Hojjatieh Society, Wiki] Iran Hojjatieh Society; Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Other; Persecution

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    1. Anti-Bahá'í Society, The, by Mehdi Abedi and Michael M. J. Fischer, in Debating Muslims: Cultural Dialogues in Postmodernity and Tradition (1990). Autobiographical stories of Abedi and his involvement in opposition to the Bahá'í Faith in Iran with the "Anjoman-e Zedd-e Bahá'íyat." [about]
    2. Encyclopedia of Islam and The Muslim World, by William F. McCants and John Walbridge (2004). Articles on Abdu'l-Bahá, the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh, the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths, Hujjatiya, Persian language and literature, Shaykhism, and Twelver Shi'ism. [about]
    3. Hojjatieh (Hujjatiya), by Mahmoud Sadri, in Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 12 (2004). Brief excerpt, with link to article offsite. [about]
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