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1924 (In the year) In 1924 Amelia Collins became the first to visit Iceland when she and her husband had a two-days stopover while on a cruise. During the time spent in Reykjavik she became friends with Hólmfríôur Árnadóttir with whom she corresponded about the Faith for many years. This same lady was then able to open many doors for Martha Root who followed in July of 1935. Hólmfríôur is considered the first believer in Iceland. [Bahá'í News No 417 10 December 1965 p10-11] Reykjavik; Iceland Amelia Collins; Martha Root; Travel teaching; Holmfriour Arnadottir
1935. 12 Jul - 8 Aug When Martha Root landed in Iceland in 1935 she immediately made contact with Hólmfríôur Árnadóttir, with whom Amelia Collins had struck up a friendship during her short visit in 1924. The following year Hólmfríôur had visited Milly and stayed in her home for nine days while she was attending an International Congress at Columbia University. The two had also exchanged notes of greeting over the decade since that time.

Hólmfríôur facilitated Martha's teaching efforts with her knowledge of the language and local contacts. During her stay in Iceland she gave lectures and did radio interviews. In one of her radio appearances she did a review of Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era and left copies of this book in the libraries. The first ever article on the Bahá'í Faith in the Icelandic language was published in a newspaper. An editor interviewed her for an article and wrote another explaining the basics of the Faith. As she usually did, Martha made contact with the Theosophists and the Esperanto Society and presented a lecture in Esperanto. [The Soul of Iceland-A Bahá'í Saga by Martha Root; BW6p684]

Reykjavik; Iceland Travel Teaching; Teaching; Martha Root; Holmfriour Arnadottir; Milly Collins; Amelia Collins
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