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1992. 20 Sep The Landegg International University was formally registered by the cantonal and federal authorities of Switzerland as a private university. The evolution into a full-fledged university had been a gradual process. The 31-acre property overlooking Lake Constance had been acquired in 1982 by the Landegg International Foundation and operated under the aegis of the Bahá’í community of Switzerland which undertook the renovation of its main buildings and established it as a conference center. In the mid-1990s, it was decided that Landegg's role as a centre of learning should become formalized, and Landegg's functions were transferred to an independent board, whose charter stated that the university would be operated as an independent university directed by an international governing board. [One Country Jul-Oct 2001; One Country Oct-Dec 1997; BWNS138]

A decision was taken to close the institution at the end of 2003 due to financial difficulties. By the time of its closing 1,116 students had earned degrees or graduate certificates from Landegg International University. [Bahaipedia]

Dr. Hossain Danesh was the Rector of Landegg Academy from 1994. [H.B.Danesh/biography]

Wienacht; Switzerland Landegg International University; Hossain Danesh
2020. 2 Jun The passing of Hossain Banadaki Danesh in Victoria, BC
  • His major publications were:
    • The Violence Free-Society: A Gift for Our Children. Bahá’í Studies. Vol. 6. 1979.
    • Unity: The Creative Foundation of Peace. Bahá’í Studies Publications, Ottawa 1986.
    • The Psychology of Spirituality. Paradigm Publishing, Manotick, Ontario 1994.
    • The Violence Free Family. Building Block of a Peaceful Civilization. Bahá’í Studies Publications, Ottawa, Canada 1995.
    • Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR): Process and Methodology. with Roshan Danesh. Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies, Vol. 11, No. 2, Fall. (March 21, 2004).
    • Unity of Faith and Reason in Action 2010.
    • The Unity-Based Family. An Empirical Study of Healthy Marriage, Family, and Parenting. H.B. Danesh, MD, FRCP(C), with Azin Nasseri, PhD. Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 1 edition (1 April 2017).
  • For a more complete list see his website.
  • Documents by Hossain Danesh on
  • YouTube.
  • See his website. iiiii
  • Victoria BC; Canada Hossain Danesh

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    1. Apathy and Violence, by Hossain Danesh, in Bahá'í Studies, 1 (1976). The nature of aggression, violence, fear and anxiety; threats and opportunities an organism encounters in life; and the relevance of Bahá'í teachings to preventing violence. [about]
    2. Development and Dimensions of Love in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh, in Bahá'í Studies Notebook, 3:1-2 (1983). As with all forms of love, love in marriage is developmental in nature. Its development is closely related to the process of maturation in the individual. [about]
    3. Developmental Stages in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). [about]
    4. Healthy Communication in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). [about]
    5. Marriage and Sexuality, by Hossain Danesh (1991). Transcript of a talk at a private home in Springfield, Virginia, recorded and distributed for teaching and deepening. [about]
    6. Psychology of Spirituality, The: From Divided Self to Integrated Self, by Hossain Danesh (2000). Explores what is the nature of human reality, the purpose of human life, transcendence, and whether we have free will, using case histories, in-depth analysis, and practical examples. First 3 chapters only. [about]
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