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1935 20 Sep The passing of Jinab-i-Fádil-i-Shírází (Shaykh Muhammad Ibráhim) (b.1863) in Tehran. [ARG109, M9YA418, 433]
  • A biography of this learned servant of Bahá'u'lláh has been written by his grand-daughter, Houri Faláhi-Skuce entitled A Radiant Gem: A biography of Jinab-i-Fadil-i-Shirazi.
  • Note: ARG164-166 gives his passing as August 1935. The date given by the Persian calendar, 27 Shahrívar 1314 converts to 19 September 1935. He passed at 1:30 AM on the following day.
  • Tihran; Iran Fadil-i-Shirazi (Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim); In Memoriam; Houri Falahi-Skuce

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    2004. 23 Jun The publication of A Radiant Gem - a Biography of Jináb-I-Fádil-I-ShÍrází by his granddaughter, Houri Falahi-Skuce. It was printed by Trafford Publishing, Victoria and can be ordered directly from the publisher.. Houri Falahi-Skuce; A Radiant Gem
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