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1894 (In the year) Kate Ives (b.1863-d.1927) of Newfoundland parentage, who lived in Chicago, accepted the Faith in Chicago in February. She is considered the first steadfast North American Bahá'í woman. [OBCC17, 108]

Other Canadians who accepted the Faith in Chicago were:

  • Paul K. Dealy (26 March)(from St. John, NB) [OBCC17]
  • Honoré Jaxon (18 March) [OBCC18, BFA1p90-92]
  • Dr James Oakshette (21 May) {OBCC32]
  • Aimée Montfort (wife of Honoré Jaxon) (first French-Canadian (5 October). [OBCC20]
  • Ester Rennels (87th to declare in Chicago) [OBCC34]
  • Dr James Carmichael (b. (7 October). [OBCC32]
  • NL; NB Esther Rennels; Paul K. Dealy; William Henry Jackson; Honore Joseph Jaxon; James Oakshette; Aimee Montfort; James Carmichael; Kate Ives
    1908 (In the year) There were 16 Bahá'ís in Montreal.
  • Percy Woodcock resided briefly in and occasionally visited Brockville, ON
  • Dr James Oakshette resided in Toronto [BFA2p157.
  • Montreal, QC; Brockville, ON; Toronto, ON Percy Woodcock; James Oakshette
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