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1960 Ridván c. Hand of the Cause Charles Mason Remey claimed he was the second, ‘hereditary' Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith. [BW13:397; BW16:90; SS49]
  • See MC205–6, 231–6 for details of Remey's claims.
  • Joel Marangella was Mason Remey's "Siyyid Muhammad", that he encouraged Remey to make a claim for the Guardianship with the hope that he might succeed him. [Bahaipedia]
  • See also BBRSM130-1, 138–9; CB386–91; MC196–217, 223–8; SBBH1:220, NOTE 207.
  • At some point in 1960 Mason sent notification of his "appointment" as guardian to the Israeli government. [British Library]
  • BWC; Haifa Guardianship; Covenant-breakers; Charles Mason Remey; Joel Marangella
    1960 5 May Hand of the Cause Abu'l-Qásim Faizí was sent by the Custodians to France to meet with the National Spiritual Assembly and Bahá'ís of France. He was accompanied by Auxiliary Board Member Dr Aziz Navidi. [MC197]
  • Initially eight of the nine members of the National Spiritual Assembly accepted the claim of Mason Remey.
  • After consultation, five members of the assembly continued to support Charles Mason Remey in his claim to be the second Guardian and resigned from the assembly. The five members who sided with Remey were: Joel Marangella, Bernard Fillon, Donald Harvey, Monir Derakhchan and Jaques Soghomonian. The four that remained true to the Covenant were A-M Barafroukhteh, Alain Tamenne, Sara Kenny, and Henriette Samimy. Even though some or maybe all of this group had voted to accept Remey they changed their vote after the meeting with Mr. Faizi. The national assembly was dissolved. [MC203]
  • See SETPE2P236-244 for an account of Mason Remey's defection and ultimate end.
  • BWC; Haifa; France Guardianship; Covenant-breakers; Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Activities; Abul-Qasim Faizi; National Spiritual Assembly; Charles Mason Remey; Joel Marangella
    1960. 3 Aug Cable from the Hands of the Cause of God announcing the expulsion as Covenant Breakers of John Carre, Barnard Fillon, Moneer Darakhshan, Joel Marangella, Jaques Soghomonian, Donald Harvey, John Byers and Mary Wilkin. [MoC223] BWC Custodians; Covenant-breakers; Joel Marangella; John Carre; Barnard Fillon; Moneer Darakhshan; Joel Marangella; Jaques Soghomonian; Donald Harvey; John Byers; Mary Wilkin
    1962 Sep Following full investigation and consultation on certain information concerning the activities of Rex (Reginald) King who has resided in various localities in Central California in recent years, it became necessary for the National Spiritual Assembly at its September meeting to deprive Mr. King of his Bahá'í membership and voting rights. Mr. King is not to be invited to Nineteen-Day Feasts or to participate in any other Bahá'í activities. [US Supplement No 57 November 1962 p2]

    Reginald ("Rex") King, who had been elected secretary of the short-lived New Mexico "National Assembly", dissolved by Remey in 1964. Unhappy about Remey's resistance to his leadership role in the United States, King eventually went to Italy where Remey was living, and had an apparently acrimonious meeting with him. Following this encounter, on 13 September 1969 Remey issued a letter denouncing King: "his station to be ever and eternally that of Satan for evermore". King switched his allegiance to Marangella when the latter advanced his own claims two months later.

    This relationship, however, also soon broke down. King decided that Marangella had made "a number of faulty ‘interpretations' of the Writings" and declared that Marangella "had ceased to fulfill the requirements of the office of guardian". He argued, indeed, that "neither Mason Remey nor Joel Marangella had in truth ever been guardians … because of the lack of lineal descendancy" (i.e., from Bahá'u'lláh). What Remey had actually been, King said, was "a regent", and King came to the "realization" that he himself "was in actuality the Second Regent…." [Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him]

    Covenant-breakers; Rex King; Charles Mason Remey; Joel Marangella
    1997. 31 Jan The Universal House of Justice wrote all National Spiritual Assemblies, Continental Counsellors, and the International Teaching Centre about "advertisements...placed by the Covenant-breaker Joel Bray Marangella, seeking to revive his claim to be the "third Guardian of the Faith." [Reddit post]
  • Marganella died in 2013. [Bahaipedia]
  • BWC Covenant-breakers; Joel Marangella

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    1. Historical Analysis of Critical Transformations in the Evolution of the Bahá'í World Faith, An, by Vernon Elvin Johnson (1974). Detailed study of major changes in the Faith's history, opposition to such changes, and their resulting tensions and resolutions. [about]
    2. Mason Remey and Joel Bray Marangella, by Chad Jones (2001-10-26). Short research note about Remey's claim to the Guardianship, which may have been inspired by Joel Marangella. [about]
    3. Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him, by Universal House of Justice (1997). Letter from the US NSA on the importance of commitment to the covenant, a letter from the UHJ on covenant-breaking, and the history "Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him." [about]
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