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1962 (Near end of year) Joyce McGuffie, Dale Lillico and Samson Knowlton, all of Brocket, AB, have been delegated by the National Spiritual Assembly as a committee to collect, prepare and edit news from the First Nations and other First Nations teaching in the cities. [CBN No 155 Dec 1962 p3] Brocket, AB Joyce McGuffie; Dale Lillico; Samson Knowlton

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1961 Ridván The first Local Spiritual Assembly of Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve) was formed with Louise Whitecrow, Charles Strike-With-A-Gun, Rose Knowlton, Sam Yellow Face, Ben Whitecrow, Joyce McGuffie, Dale Olivier, Guy Yellow Wings and Chief Samson Knowlton [Canadian Baha'i News July 1961]. Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve), AB Louise Whitecrow; Charles Strike-With-A-Gun; Rose Knowlton; Sam Yellow Face; Ben Whitecrow; Joyce McGuffie; Dale Olivier; Guy Yellow Wings; Chief Samson Knowlton; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1975 c. Aug Auxiliary Board Member Angus Cowan announced the appointment Mrs Stuart Hanks as Assistant for the province of Manitoba, Mr Don Rogers as Assistant for the province of Saskatchewan and Mrs Joyce McGuffie as Assistant for the First Nations communities.

Auxiliary Board Member David Smith announced the appointment of Mr Douglas Wilson as Assistant for the territory of Central and Eastern Ontario. [CBN No 287 Aug/Sep 1975]

Canada Auxiliary Board Members; Assistant, Angus Cowan; David Smith; Stuart Hanks; Don Rogers; Joyce McGuffie; Douglas Wilson
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