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1925 (In the year) The first book translated into Portuguese by Leonora Armstrong was published, Paris Talks, in the original in English, or Lectures by 'Abdu'l-Bahá in Paris as published today by Editora Bahá'í of Brazil. [Biographical Profile] Belém,Paraguay Paris Talks; Portuguese; translation, Leonora Armstrong; Leonora Holsapple Armstrong
1927 (In the year) Leonora Armstrong was the first Bahá'í to visit and speak about the Bahá'í Faith in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad, Barbados, Haiti, British Guiana and Dutch Guiana (now Suriname). [Biographical Profile] Colombia; Venezuela; Ecuador; Trinidad; Barbados; Haiti; British Guiana; Suriname Leonora Armstrong; Travel teaching; Leonora Holsapple Armstrong
1973 (In the year) Leonora Armstrong was appointed to the Continental Board of Counsellors. [Biographical Profile] Brazil Continental Board of Counsellors; Leonora Armstrong; Leonora Holsapple Armstrong
1980. Oct (Mid) The First Latin American Bahá'í Women's Conference was held in Brasilia at the Convention Centre.
  • Leonera Armstrong, on her deathbed in Salvador, Bahia at the time, addressed the conference via a message recorded on cassette tape.
      "Woman, light of the future generation - when we, the women of the world, reflect on the true meaning of this theme that was chosen and as its full meaning penetrates more and more deeply into the conscience of each woman, we must understand that affectionate, that supreme privilege is ours and that inescapable duty is ours, and so we must rise as never before, to fulfill our first obligation. Women know that they are the first educators of humanity ... "
    [Biographical Profile]
  • Brasilia; Brazil; Salvador, Bahia; Brazil Latin American Baha'i Women's Conference; Leonora Armstrong

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    1. Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-1986: Third Epoch of the Formative Age, by Universal House of Justice (1996). [about]
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