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1925 Apr Louise Gregory travelled from Luxembourg to Vienna where she met William Herrigel. She accompanied him to Graz where he delivered a couple of lectures. Louise stayed in Graz for about one month. [SVH130-132]
  • It was probably during this time that she met Lydia Zamenhof in Geneva. [SYH150]
  • Vienna; Graz; Austria Louise Gregory; Teaching; William Herrigel; Lydia Zamenhof; Lidia Zamenhof
    1926 Apr c. Lidia Zamenhof, a daughter of the founder of Esperanto Ludwik Zamenhof, became a Bahá’í, the first Pole to accept the Faith. [Lidia71]
  • For her story see the podcast Who Was She?
  • Poland Lidia Zamenhof; Ludwik Zamenhof
    1942 Aug Lidia Zamenhof was killed in the gas chambers at Treblinka. [HDBF516]
  • For her obituary see BW10:533–8.
  • See also Lidia by Wendy Heller, GR, Oxford, 1985 and Lidia Zamenhof, a cosmopolitan woman and victim of the Holocaust.
  • See 8Feb2022 for a full history of the language and of the Zamenof family. iiiii
  • Treblinka; Poland Lidia Zamenhof; World War II; Persecution, Poland; Esperanto

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    1. Lidia Zamenhof, by John T. Dale (1996). Brief biography of the daughter of Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto. [about]
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