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1939 May Lillian Tomlinson became the first known Winnipeg Bahá'í. Tomlinson was at the time a telephone operator. She was a friend of Ernest Marsh (The 6th person to become a Bahá'í in Winnipeg.) and a co-worker of Helen Poissant (The 4th person.) [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p12] Winnipeg, MB Lillian Tomlinson; Ernest Marsh; Helen Poissant
1942. Ridván The first Spiritual Assembly was formed in Winnipeg, the eighth in Canada. Members were: Beth Brooks, Ernest Court, Rowland Estall, Sylvia King, Sigrun Lindal, Ernest Marsh, Stella Pollexfen, Helen Poissant, and Lillian Tomlinson (later Prosser). [OBCC227]
  • Lillian Tomlinson (later Prosser) had been the first Winnipeg resident to become a Bahá'í. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p10]
  • Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Beth Brooks; Ernest Court; Rowland Estall; Sylvia King; Sigrun Lindal; Ernest Marsh; Stella Pollexfen; Helen Poissant; Lillian Tomlinson
    1946 - 1950 Helen Poissant who had learned of the Faith in Winnipeg from Lillian Tomlinson, pioneered to Saskatoon. [OBCC186] Winnipeg, MB; Saskatoon, SK Helen Poissant; Lillian Tomlinson; Pioneering
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