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1934. 8 Nov There were ten Bahá'ís in Addis Ababa when the first LSA was elected. Its members were Atto Sium Gabril-ch, Atto Haila Gabril-vc, Habib Boutros, Sabri Elias-sec, Edouard Goubran, El-Saad Said, E-saad Mansour, Abdu'llahi ahmed, and Aurahil Egsabaihir.
  • A cable announcing formation of the Assembly was sent to Shoghi Effendi, who replied "rejoiced, praying, love, gratitude".
  • In 1934 Sabri Elias was able to have Baha'u'lláh and the New Era translated into Amharic and then published. This was an important step in disseminating the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith across the country. The book was distributed to local libraries and to Bahá'ís around the world. In 1936, a copy of the book was given to the then - Ethiopian King, His Majesty Haile Selassie when he was visiting Jerusalem by a Canadian Bahá'í Mrs. Lorol Schipeflocher. []
  • A circular letter of 21 August 1935 informed LSAs that spiritual meetings had been suspended due to the "present condition of Ethiopia". Elias was forced to leave Ethiopia by socio-political events in 1935, but he and Mrs Elias returned to Addis Ababa in January 1944. [BW10p57]
  • This Assembly became the first incorporated Local Spiritual Assembly in Africa. [BW13p287]
  • Addis Ababa; Ethiopia Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation; LSA, formation
    1948 19 Apr The Havana Bahá'ís incorporated as an ‘assembly', meaning ‘group'.
  • It was incorporated as a local spiritual assembly in 1949.
  • Havana Local Spiritual Assembly; Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation find ref
    1956 Ridván The local spiritual assembly of Addis Ababa incorporated, the first one in Africa to do so. [BW13:287] Addis Ababa Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation

    from the chronology of Canada

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    1935. 25 Mar The Spiritual Assembly of Montreal became incorporated, the first Bahá'í governing body in Canada to do so. [BW6p323-328] Montreal, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1939 25 Mar The incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Vancouver under the Societies Act. [OBCC258] Vancouver, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation
    1955. 12 May The Ottawa Assembly received its Letters Patent for the incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Ottawa. [CBN No 66 July, 1955 p4] Ottawa, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation
    1955. 26 Aug The Winnipeg Spiritual Assembly incorporated. [CBN No72 Jan 1956 p5; Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p20, 49]

    Members at the time of incorporation were: Singe Saxton, Stella Pollexfen, Claire Atwood, Margaret Saxton, Angus Cowan, Bobbie Cowan, Ethel Martens, Moliie Macpherson, and Miron Thom.

    Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation; Singe Saxton; Stella Pollexfen; Claire Atwood; Margaret Saxton; Angus Cowan; Bobbie Cowan; Ethel Martens; Moliie Macpherson; Miron Thom
    1955 Dec It was reported in the Canadian Bahá'í News that the Hamilton Spiritual Assembly received its official incorporation papers "some little time ago". One of the goal of the Ten-Year Crusade was to have nineteen incorporated assemblies in Canada. [CBN No 71 Dec 1955 p4] Hamilton, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1956 (In the year) Incorporation papers have been granted to the Assembly in Scarborough, Ontario. [CBN No 78 July 1956 p4] Scarborough, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1956 Feb The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that the Local Spiritual Assembly of Winnipeg had been incorporated and that they had approved the incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of Vernon. [CBN No 73 February, 1956 p2] iiiii Winnipeg, MB; Veron, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1958 Apr The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that as of this date 10 Local Assemblies had been incorporated in Canada. They were: Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Scarborough, Toronto, North York Vancouver Vernon, and Winnipeg. [CBN No 99 April 1958 p3] Edmonton, AB; Hamilton, ON; Montreal, QC; Ottawa, ON; Scarborough, ON; Toronto, ON; North York, ON; Vancouver, BC; Vernon, BC; Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1961. (In the year) The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Whitehorse was incorporated. [Native Conversion, Native Identity: An Oral History of the Bahá'í Faith among First Nations People in the Southern Central Yukon Territory, Canada by Carolyn Patterson Sawin p98] Whitehorse, YT Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1968. 28 Oct The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Mississauga achieved incorporation status. The members were: Frederick Thorkildsen, Jacqueline Law, Ernest Barkes, Jean Ziegler, Barry Lavery, Valery Lavery; Isabelle Nikulka, Joyce barkes, and Beatrice Mines. [BN July 1970 p 9] Mississauga, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation; Frederick Thorkildsen; Jacqueline Law; Ernest Barkes; Jean Ziegler; Barry Lavery; Valery Lavery; Isabelle Nikulka; Joyce Barkes; Beatrice Mines
    1969 Apr The incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of Yellowknife. This marked the first time that a Local Spiritual Assembly had been granted incorporation status by the government of the North West Territories.
  • At the time of the incorporation the Assembly members were: Bernice Boss, Virginia Evans, Eileen Boyd, Helen Kelly, Jack Boyd, Noland Boss, Rose Mary Thrasher,Henning Jensen, Dan Kelly
  • The Assembly had first been formed in 1963, was lost and reformed in 1967. [CBN No 228 Apr 1969 p5]
  • Yellowknife, NT Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation; Bernice Boss; Rose Mary Thrasher; Henning Jensen, Dan Kelly; Virginia Evans; Eileen Boyd; Helen Kelly; Jack Boyd; Noland Boss
    1970. 1 Apr The Local Spiritual Assembly of Nepean Township achieved incorporation status. Members of the Assembly were: Lily Ann Irwin, Danielle Vafai, Wayne Irwin, Elizabeth Kerr-Wilson, James Atack, Johnny Jolly, Arthur Irwin, John Kerr-Wilson, and Monir Vafai. [CBN Dec 1970 p2] Nepean, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation; Lily Ann Irwin; Danielle Vafai; Wayne Irwin; Elizabeth Kerr-Wilson; James Atack; Johnny Jolly; Arthur Irwin; John Kerr-Wilson; Monir Vafai.
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