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1923. 23 Feb In a message to the Bahá'ís in America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and in Australia, Shoghi Effendi instructed that local assemblies must be established in localities where the number of believers, aged twenty-one and over, was nine or more and he delineated the responsibilities of those assemblies. [BA37-39]
  • In the same message he directed that, in countries where conditions are favourable and the number of believers merited it, that "secondary Houses of Justice" be established. He fixed the number of electors; in America-95, the Pacific Islands-95, Germany-95 and in Great Britain-19 and specified that they be elected annually. [BA39-41]
  • Local and National Funds were to be established because "the progress and execution of spiritual activities is dependent and conditioned upon material means". [BA41]
  • BWC National Spiritual Assembly; National Assembly, election of; Local Spiritual Assembly; Local Spiritual Assembly, election
    1941. 13 May The first Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of St. Paul, Minnesota was elected. [A Saint Paul Bahá’í Community History: The Early Years] Saint Paul; MN Local Spiritual Assembly, election
    2021. 30 Dec As per the 30 December 2021 message o the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors, 22 Local Spiritual Assemblies spread over eight countries were elected using a two-stage electoral process. This follows the same instructions that 'Abdu'l-Bahá gave to the Spiritual Assembly of Ṭihrán. It involved the division of a locality into units from each of which one or more delegates were elected, after which the delegates elected the members of the Local Assembly.

    They said that this process had been approved and adopted over the two previous years. [Paragraph 32]

    Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Local Spiritual Assembly, election; Local Spiritual Assembly; Statistics; Elections

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    1948 Ridván The following were elected to the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Montréal: Siegfried Schopflocher, Gwen Inwood, Arthur Irwin, Milli Tina Gordon, Eddie Elliot, Adline Lohse, Bert Rakovsky; Amine De Mille; and René Roy. [OBCC146, 153] Montreal, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, election; Siegfried Schopflocher; Gwen Inwood; Arthur Irwin; Milli Tina Gordon; Eddie Elliot; Adline Lohse; Bert Rakovsky; Amine De Mille; René Roy
    1971 Ridván The election of the first spiritual assembly in Prince Rupert, BC.
  • Elected were: Fletcher Bennett, Robert Lee, Lynn Whitehouse, Elinor Bennett, Joan Kauth, Justine Stenset, Elsie Dryer and Irene Harris. [CBN257April1972p12]
  • 92 year old Irene Harris liked to be called "Grandma" because she is" a grandmother to all people, Chinese, Japanese, white people, to everyone". She was the first believer from the Kitwancool Nation. [CBN253Aug-Sep1971p6]
  • Prince Rupert, BC; Kitwancool Nation, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, election; Fletcher Bennett; Robert Lee; Lynn Whitehouse; Elinor Bennett; Joan Kauth; Justine Stenset; Elsie Dryer; Irene Harris; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    2002 Ridván Four newly-amalgamated communities began a new stage of community life at Ridván. The Spiritual Assemblies of Montreal, Gatineau, Longueuil, and Quebec City were elected for the first time from among believers who lived in 27 former communities. The largest of these communities, Montreal, had more than 600 believers as a result of the merging of 17 communities. [BC Vol 15 No 2 June 2002 p25] Montreal, QC; Gatineau, QC; Longueuil, QC; Quebec City, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, election
    2022 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly announced that two localities, Toronto and Ottawa, would be the first in Canada to elect their Local Spiritual Assemblies using a two-stage process as described by the Universal House of Justice in their Message of 30 December 2021. These two Clusters were the first in Canada to reach the goal of having 1,000 core activities. [Bahá'í Canada 30 June2022] Toronto, ON; Ottawa, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, election; Two-stage election; Elections
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