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1929 (In the year) Lulu Barr was the first Bahá'í in Hamilton, ON. [OBCC196] Hamilton, ON Lulu Barr
1939. 25 Jun What has been termed the "first international Bahá'í picnic embracing Canada and the United States" was held at Queenstown Heights at the invitation of the Toronto Assembly. It was the brainchild of Howard Ives who was living in Toronto at the time. He and Mabel had "grand-children" on both sides of the border.
  • Willard McKay chaired the event with talks provided by Doris McKay, John Stearns, Mrs. Pettibone, Elizabeth Brooks, Mrs, Marguerite Firoozi. Lulu Barr, Mrs. Enos Barton, Mr, and Mrs. John Robarts and, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ives.
  • It was attended by 74 persons, 4 of which applied for enrollment in the Faith that day. It was an occasion for Bahá'í youth on both sides of the border to meet each other.
  • Plans were made to widen the New York-Pennsylvania Bahá'í speaker circuit to include Canada and the first youth conference was planned for Jamestown, NY. [FMH277; BN No 128 August 1939 p7; OBCC179]
  • Bahá'ís will note the significant fact that a decisive battle was fought on this site during the Revolutionary War. General Isaac Brock was killed but thanks to a regiment of "coloured" soldiers and Native allies, the Canadian forces were able to dispel the invading forces and take almost 1,000 prisoners.
  • Queenstown, ON; Toronto, ON; Jamestown, NY International Bahai Picnic; Howard Ives; Mabel Rice-Wray Ives; Doris McKay; Willard McKay; John Stearns; Mrs. Pettibone; Elizabeth Brooks; Mrs, Marguerite Firoozi.; Lulu Barr; Mrs. Enos Barton; John Robarts; Audrey Robarts; Lloyd Gardner
    1941 May Lulu Barr pioneered to Saskatoon from Hamilton where she had learned of the Faith from Mabel Rice-Wray Ives two years earlier in May 1939. She stayed for two years with no apparent results. [OBCC186] Hamilton, ON; Saskatoon, SK Lulu Barr; Mabel Rice-Wray Ives
    1951. 27 - 31 Aug More than 30 people attended the Banff Conference which was held at Holliday House Mrs. Helen Bishop, of Portland, presented a masterly course on The Book of Certitude, Mr. Bob Donnelly, of Regina, gave some very enlightening information of pioneering, substantiated by carefully prepared maps and diagrams. The children presented "A Child Shall Lead Them", under the guidance of Lulu Barr, of Regina. The Calgary believers were responsible for the daily devotions, and several plays, written by Alan Fraser of West Vancouver, were produced in an impromptu manner. The public meeting, held on the 31st of August, at which Helen Bishop was the speaker, attracted a number of local residents, one cf whom asked the Bahá'ís to hold a monthly fireside in his home. [CBN No 22 Oct 1951 p4] Banff, AB Teaching Conference; Helen Bishop; Bob Donnelly; Lulu Barr; Alan Fraser
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