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1950. 29 - 30 Apr The third National Convention was held in Toronto at 22 College Street with 19 delegates and a total of 125 in attendance. Those elected to the National Assembly were: Rowland Estall, (vice-chair) John Robarts, (chair), Emeric Sala, Ross Woodman; Laura Davis, (secretary), Winnifred Harvey, Freddie Schopflocher, (treasurer) Mae McKenna and Rosemary Sala. [CBN No 13 May 1950 p2-3]
  • The budget for the year 107 B. E. was $19,000. [CBN No 14 July 1950 p2]
  • All 19 delegates were present. [CBN 13 May 1950 p3]
  • Toronto, ON National Convention; NSA; Rowland Estall; John Robarts; Emeric Sala; Ross Woodman; Laura Davis; Winnifred Harvey; Freddie Schopflocher; Mae McKenna; Rosemary Sala; National Spiritual Assembly, election of
    1951. 27 - 29 Apr Canada's fourth National Convention was held in the Vancouver Hotel. Those elected were; John Robarts (chair), Rowland Estall (vice-chair) Laura Davis (secretary), Emeric Sala (treasurer) Rosemary Sala, Lloyd Gardner, Mae McKenna, Winnifred Harvey, and Siegfried Schopflocher.
  • For a list of delegates (18) see CBN No 18 Mar 1951 p2. For the agenda see CBN No 19 April 1951 p10-11.
  • Amelia Collins attended the Convention and gave the Canadian Bahá'í Community a lock of hair of Bahá'u'lláh as a gift from Shoghi Effendi. In addition, she gave a piece of Burmese alabaster from the Tomb of the Báb, These precious relics were placed in the Maxwell home archives in Montreal. [UC31]
  • Vancouver, BC; Montreal, QC National Spiritual Assembly; National Convention; relics; Amelia Collins; John Robarts; Rowland Estall; Laura Davis; Emeric Sala; Rosemary Sala; Lloyd Gardner; Mae McKenna; Winnifred Harvey; Siegfried Schopflocher; National Spiritual Assembly, election of
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