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1983. 19 May The Universal House of Justice announced a number of changes to the membership of the International Teaching Centre raising the number of members to nine. [BW19:27]
  • For reasons of health Counsellor Florence Mayberry took her retirement from the ITC. [Mess63-86p577]
  • Four new Counsellors were appointed: Mr Magdalene Carney, Mr Mas'úd Khamsí, Dr Peter Khan and Mrs Isobel Sabri. [Mess63-86p578]
  • The Hands of the Cause serving in the International Teaching Centre were: Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum and 'Ali-Akbar Furutan. [Mess63-86p578]
  • BWC International Teaching Centre; Continental Board of Counsellors; Florence Mayberry; Magdalene Carney; Masud Khamsi; Peter Khan; Isobel Sabri
    1988. 19 May The Universal House of Justice announced changes in the membership of the International Teaching Centre.
  • Those appointed were: Dr Farzam Arbab, Hartmut Grossmann, Lauretta King, Donald Rogers, Joy Stevenson, and Peter Vuyiya to join Dr Magdalene Carney, Mas'úd Khamsí, and Isobel Sabri.
  • Those taking their retirement were; 'Azíz Yazdí (1973) and Anneliese Bopp (1979). [Mess86-01p86]
  • BWC International Teaching Centre; Farzam Arbab; Hartmut Grossmann; Lauretta King; Donald Rogers; Joy Stevenson; Peter Vuyiya; Magdalene Carney; Masud Khamsi; Isobel Sabri; Aziz Yazdi; Anneliese Bopp

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    1. Amazing Nashville Baha'i Community in the 1960s, The, by John S. Hatcher, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 29:4 (2019). "From the Editor's Desk": Hatcher's personal memories of time in Nashville; overview of the lives of Robert Hayden and Magdalene Carney. [about]
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