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1929. 25 Apr Shoghi Effendi made the sacrifice of a priceless carpet to be sold to contribute to the Mashriqu'lAdhkar Fund. Mr. George Spendlove, a believer exceptionally qualified by expert knowledge and experience was asked to undertake the responsible task of arranging for the sale of this rug. It was valued at some $20,000 "Am sacrificing the most valuable ornament of Baha'u'llah's Shrine in order to consecrate and reinforce the collective endeavors of the American believers speedily to consummate Plan for Unified Action. Appeal for unprecedented self-sacrifice."--Cablegram, April 25, 1929.

"Soon. shipping silken carpet from Baha'u'llah's Shrine as crowning gift on altar of Bahá'í sacrifice."--Cablegram, April 28, 1929.

"Moved by an impulse that I could not resist, I have felt impelled to forego what may be regarded as the most valuable and sacred possession in the Holy Land for the furthering of that noble enterprise which you have set your hearts to achieve. With the hearty concurrence of our dear Bahá'í brother, Ziaoullah Asgarzadeh, who years ago donated it to the Most Holy Shrine, this precious ornament of the Tomb of Bahá'u'lláh has been already shipped to your shores, with our fondest hope that the proceeds from its sale may at once ennoble and reinforce the unnumbered offerings of the American believers already accumulated on the altar of Bahá'í sacrifice." Letter, October 25, 1929.

"Shoghi Effendi informs you that the rug can be offered for sale among Baha'is and nonBahá'í alike."-Soheil A/nan, December 12, 1929. [BN No 38 February 1930 insert]

Chicago Mashriqul-Adhkar, Chicago; Funds
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