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1955. 5 Aug In a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the National Spiritual Assembly of the British Isles he requested that Bahá'ís withdraw from Churches, Synagogues, Freemasonry and other secret societies. A number of letters had been written before and were written after on the same subject. [LoGno.1387; LoGno.1388 (1956); LoGno.1389 (1956); LoGno.1390 (1956); LoGno.1391 (1951)]
  • 'Abdu'l-Bahá had previously permitted such membership in the Masons. [ABL127]
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    1956 Jan The National Spiritual Assembly published the policy on membership in Freemasonry.

  • From the American Bahá'î News, September; 1955: "A recent issue of the British Bahá'í Journal contained the text of two cables from the Guardian concerning membership of Bahá'îs in Freemasonry:
      'Disapprove membership (in) Freemasonry' (November 11, 1954);
      'Any Bahá'î determined retain membership (in) Freemasonry loses voting rights' (December 22, 1954) .
    • The National Spiritual Assembly inquired of the Guardian whether this directive applied to the United States. In a letter written on behalf of the Guardian, dated July 9, 1955, this question was answered:
        'The directive regarding membership. in Freemasonry should be 'carried out by your Assembly in all areas under your Assembly's jurisdiction.'The Guardian's directive about Freemasonry is an application of the general principle he laid down some years ago to the effect that Bahá'îs are not to affiliate with organizations, any of whose purposes and methods contradict fundamental principles of the Bahá'í teachings. This directive closes our ranks for the forth-coming new period of public responsibility when enemies of the Cause will do their best to find ways to discredit our principles of complete neutrality with respect to various social organizations in East and West."

      The Canadian National Spiritual Assembly regards the Guardian's directives as general policy with equal application to Canada. [CBN No 72 Jan 1956p3-4]

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