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1949 (In the year) The Misaghieh Hospital was gifted to the Bahá'í community in 1949 by a Bahá'í named Abdolmisagh Misaghieh and was managed by the Bahá'í community.

After the Islamic Revolution, the Mostazafan Foundation – in English, the Foundation for the Oppressed – confiscated properties belonging to members of the Bahá'í community. The Misaghieh Hospital was among these properties. After its confiscation, the hospital's name was changed to Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital. [Iran Wire]

Tihran; Iran Misaghieh Hospital; Abdolmisagh Misaghieh
1980 Dec Professor Manouchehr Hakim, who, at one time was the head of the Misaghieh Hospital, was shot and killed by "unknown elements" while he was in his office. The murderers were never identified, and three days later, a revolutionary court confiscated Professor Hakim's assets. [Iran Wire] Tehran Persecution, Iran; Manouchehr Hakim; Misaghieh Hospital
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