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1956. (In the year) Arthur Bonshaw Irwin (born 6 June 1915 – died 1994) and Lily-Ann Irwin of Calgary, Alberta were the first to take the Bahá'í teachings to the Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve).
    Note: Canadian Bahá'í News August 1961 p10 reported that this took place in 1960.
  • "Arthur Irwin became a Bahá'í in 1947 and was a very active Bahá'í teacher to the native peoples of Canada, Alaska, and the Caribbean. He and his wife, Lily Ann, established the first Native Indian Friendship Centre in Calgary, Alberta… He was honoured by the Blackfoot, Peigan, Blood, and Morely tribes in Alberta for his honesty and integrity. A geologist with a doctorate in the field, Irwin worked on Indian reserves in Canada ensuring that fair market value was paid for leases on natural resources (Bahá'í World. 1994. "Arthur Bonshaw Irwin." Bahá'í World. 1994. Volume XXIII)."
  • Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve), AB Arthur Irwin; Lily Ann Irwin; Native Friendship Centre; Teaching, Native
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