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1963 Oct After the International Conference in London, those members of the newly elected Universal House of Justice who were not already resident in Haifa returned to their homes to make plans to relocate. This was finally completed by October.
  • The Universal House of Justice announced the launch, at Ridván 1964, of the Nine Year Plan. [WG14]
  • As a preliminary step 19 new national spiritual assemblies were to be formed at Ridván 1964. [WG15–17]
  • The next election of the Universal House of Justice will be in spring 1968. [WG17]
  • The Faith had now entered the third epoch of the formative age. [WG17]
  • BWC Nine Year Plan (1964-1973); Formative age; Ages and Epochs; Universal House of Justice
    1964 Apr The Universal House of Justice, in its message of 24 April, 1964 called for the acquisition of thirty-two Teaching Institutes during the Nine Year Plan (1964-1973) in areas where there was large-scale teaching. BWC Teaching Institutes; Nine Year Plan (1964-1973)
    1964 Ridván The Nine Year Plan (1964-1973) was launched. [BBRSM159; BW14:101; VV1; WG22–7]<
  • This marked the beginning of the second epoch of Abdu’l-Bahá’s Divine Plan. [AWH178]
  • For letter of the Universal House of Justice announcing the Plan see BW14:102–4.
  • For an analysis of the details of the national plans sent to 69 national spiritual assemblies see BW14:104–23.
  • BWC Nine Year Plan (1964-1973); Teaching Plans; Formative age; Ages and Epochs; Tablets of the Divine Plan
    1973 Ridván The Nine Year Plan was successfully completed. [BW16:131]
  • For the growth of the Bahá’í Faith in this period see BW16:130.
  • Also see The Nine Year Plan, 1964-1973: Statistical Report, Ridván 1973 by the Universal House of Justice.
  • BWC Nine Year Plan (1964-1973); Teaching Plans
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