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  1. Making of Portraits of Some Bahá'í Women by O.Z. Whitehead, The, by Wendi Momen, in Solas, 3 (2003). Recollections by the editor/publisher of stories behind the writing of O.Z. 'Zebby' Whitehead's books, and some biographical information about Whitehead himself. Includes brief review by Edwin McCloughan from The Irish Times. [about]
  2. O. Z. Whitehead (1911-1998): Actor and writer, by Robert Weinberg, in Bahá'í Studies Review, 8 (1998). Oothout Zabriskie 'Zebby' Whitehead (1911–1998) was an American stage and film character actor who later became a Bahá'í pioneer in the Republic of Ireland, and authored three books of Bahá'í biographies. [about]
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