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1935 Jul Shoghi Effendi asked the Bahá’ís to withdraw from church membership. [BBRSM146, 221; BW6:198; SBBH1:201] Church membership; Membership; Membership of other organizations

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  1. Amnesty International, by Universal House of Justice (1993). Baha'is may work with but should not hold membership in Amnesty International. [about]
  2. Bahá'í and Subud Dissent: Developments in the 2000s, by Bei Dawai (2011). Overview by a non-Baha'i on dissident movements, ex-Baha'is, and contemporary ideological debates. [about]
  3. New Religious Movements, Tolkien, Marriage, by Universal House of Justice (1994). Various questions: new religious movements; Indian Letter of the Living; J.R.R. Tolkien; eternality of the marriage bond; illumination of Baha'u'llah's tablets. [about]
  4. Subud, Membership in, by Universal House of Justice (1995). Whether a person may be allowed to be a member of both the Baha'i Faith and "Subud," an international spiritual movement that began in Indonesia in the 1920s. [about]
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