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1893 23 Sep First public reference in North America to the Bahá'í Faith. [SBBH1p76]
  • Reference was made to it in a paper entitled The Religious Mission of the English Speaking Nations by Rev. Henry H. Jessup, a retired missionary from north Syria, read by Rev George A. Ford at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. [AB63–4; BBD2412; BBR57; BFA1:323; BW2:230; GPB256; SBBH1:76, 88, 202]
  • See AB63–4, BW2:169 for text.
  • Historians have observed that, before this Parliament, "religion" was classified by many Americans into ethnic religion and universal religion. They considered there being only one universal religion: Christianity. In this view, all previous faiths were ethnic religions, and their purpose was to prepare the people for Christianity. Ethnic religions may have had portions of the truth, but only Christianity had all truth. This 1893 Parliament was a pivotal moment in the abolition of such classification, as representatives of "eastern" religions such as Swami Vivekananda and Anagarika Dharmapala promoted a new religious tolerance. [Paraphrased quote from Robert Stockman]
  • World Parliament of Religions 1893, a talk by Mr. Rothwell "Bud" Polk.
  • See Chicago 1893.
  • Chicago; United States World Parliament of Religions; Interfaith dialogue; First mentions; Mentions; Henry Jessup; Christian missionaries; Bahai Faith, Early Western Accounts of; Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    1993. 28 Aug - 5 Sep The first time that many religious representatives met with each other was at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. The goals of this gathering were: (1) to show "what and how many important truths the various Religions hold and teach in common;" (2) to discover "what light Religion has to throw on the great problems of the present age;" and (3) "to bring the nations of the earth into a more friendly fellowship, in the hope of securing permanent international peace."

    At the first modern Parliament held in Chicago an Assembly of 250 religious and spiritual leaders endorsed a groundbreaking document, Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration. One of the speakers was His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. [Chicago 1993]

    Chicago,IL; USA Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    1999. 1 - 8 Dec The Parliament hosted the second modern-day Parliament of the World's Religions in Cape Town, South Africa in December 1999, attended by 7,000+ global participants.

    The document A Call to Our Guiding Institutions served as the centrepiece for the working sessions of the Assembly. The Call—the result of a three-year drafting process—was addressed to eight of the world's most powerful and most influential institutions, inviting each to reflect on and redefine its role for a new century. [Capetown 1999]

    Capetown; South Africa Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2004. 7 - 13 Jul The fourth Parliament of the World's Religions was held in Barcelona, Spain. This unique international interreligious gathering took place within the context of the 141-day Universal Forum of Cultures, an unprecedented series of conferences, congresses and debates exploring peace, diversity, and sustainability. It was attended by about 9,000 peo[;e fro, 74 countries. There were 962 global presenters. The theme of the conference was Pathways to Peace: the Wisdom of Listening, the Power of Commitment. [Barcelona 2004] Barcelona; Spain Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2009. 3 - 9 Dec The 2009 Parliament was convened with the theme Make a World of Difference: Hearing Each Other, Healing the Earth with 6,000 participants. Environmental issues were prominently featured and the Convening included an Assembly of Indigenous Elders from different parts of the world in dialogue with Australian Aboriginal Elders. [Melbourne 2009] Melbourne; Australia Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2015. 15 - 19 Oct The sixth Parliament called upon the world to Reclaim the Heart of Our Humanity and took place in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were 9,806 attendees, performers, and volunteers from 75 countries, 30 major religions and 548 sub-traditions participated in the Parliament. [Salt Lake City 2015] Salt Lake City,UT; USA Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2017 Jun The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative was launched as an international, multi-faith alliance that works to bring moral urgency and faith-based leadership to global efforts to end tropical deforestation. They provide a platform for religious leaders to work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, governments, civil society organizations and businesses on actions that protect rainforests and safeguard the indigenous peoples that serve as their guardians.

    The initiative was launched in June of 2017 at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway in a first-of-its-kind summit of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist religious leaders, climate scientists, rainforest experts and indigenous peoples' representatives from Brazil, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Meso-America and Peru.

  • Their website.
  • On World Environment Day, June 5th, 2020, resource guides, perspectives from ten religious traditions, were launched. The Bahá'í Faith Toolkit, a toolkit on Forest Protection is available in PDF in English, Portuguese and in Spanish. [webpage on the Parliament of the World's Religions site]
  • See BW33 (04-05)p117-133.
  • Oslo; Norway Environment; Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2018 1 - 7 Nov More than 7,500 people attended the Parliament of the World's Religions held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This forum began in 1893 at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago as an effort to promote an emerging international movement devoted to promoting dialogue among religions. Since that time, it has been held in Cape Town (1999), Barcelona (2004), Melbourne (2009) and Salt Lake City (2015). [Website] Bahá'í presenters were:
    • Bani Dugal: "The Equality of Women and Men: Divine Imperative for an Age of Transition."
    • Hugh Locke: "Half the Sky, Half the Land: The Role of Women Farmers in Transforming Agriculture,"
    • Payam Akhavan: "Equality and Justice, Global Perspectives" and "Countering War, Hate, and Violence Assembly."
    • Emily Wright: "Making Interreligious Chaplaincy Education Meaningfully Inclusive" and "A New Cup of Grace—A Ukulele Opera
    • Hooshmand Badee: "Interfaith Peacemaking Perspectives from Across the World."
    • Nader Saiedi: Presenting the new documentary film The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá'í Faith.
    • Paul Hanley: "Man of the Trees: Richard St. Barbe Baker, the First Global Environmentalist."
    • JoAnn Borovicka: "Amazing Faiths! An Interactive Workshop on Interfaith Dialogue."
    • Robert Atkinson: "New Thoughts in Interfaith Spirituality."
    • Robert Stockman: "The Characteristics of Bahá'í Interfaith Dialogue."
    • Candace Hill: "From Shiraz to Chicago: Bahá'í Women of the East and the West"
    • Edward Price: "The Divine Curriculum: Understanding the Báb, Divine Educator for the Modern Era."
    • Sovaida Maani Ewing: "Achieving World Peace: Bahá'í and Catholic Teachings."
    • Jean Muza: "Bahá'í Civic Engagement: How to Maneuver in America's Divisive Political Landscape."
    • Robert Atkinson: "The Golden Rule as the Basis for a Global Justice System: An Interfaith Perspective with a Call to Action."
    • Edward Price: "The Divine Curriculum Concept as a Framework for Interfaith Inclusion and Love." [CBN-Preparation; CBN-Inclusion; CBN-Films]

      During the conference the Hindu Swami Agnivesh said that instead of spending trillions of dollars on the war system, the peoples of the world need to unite and create a world parliament based on an Earth Constitution. He said that "without a world government, we cannot solve our major world problems." [History News Network 13 Feb 2022]

    Toronto; Canada Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2021. 16 - 18 Oct Because of the global heath crisis the Parliament was a virtual event. It was unique in that it took place over 48 hours, it hosted three regional symposium and was the first Parliament to be hosted completely online. The theme was the Opening our Hearts to the World: Compassion in Action.. There were 4,317 attendees from 79 countries in 21 languages. [Virtual]
  • See the Visual Statement of the Parliament.
  • Virtual Parliament of the Worlds Religions
    2023. 14 - 18 Aug The Parliament was held in Chicago at McCormick Place. The theme was A Call to Conscience: Defending Freedom & Human Rights. There were more than 7,000 attendees representing more that 95 countries. [Chicago 2023] Chicago,IL; USA Parliament of the Worlds Religions
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