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1872. Early 1870's The Arabic and Persian text of Bahá'u'lláh's 'Tablet of Medicine' (Lawh-i-Tibb) is to be dated to the early 'Akká period of his ministry (early 1870s?). It was addressed to a Bahá'í named Mírzá Muhammad Ridá'-yi Tabib-i Yazdí, a physician of the traditional school.
  • The text was first published in Cairo in the early 1920s and is in two parts: [1] an Arabic part which largely revolves around the subject of medical treatment and [2] a Persian section which sets forth admonitions to Bahá'ís, designed to increase their level of wisdom, devotion and service.
  • The Tablet ends with the revelation of the celebrated Healing Prayer which was translated by Shoghi Effendi. [RoB3p358-360; GWB-CLXX]
  • See "Tablet of Medicine", a talk by Dr Vahid Rafai.
  • See Tablet of Medicine for a partial translation.
  • See Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet of Medicine) by Stephen Lambden.
  • See The Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet to the Physician): Beyond Health Maxims by Misagh Ziaei.
      About: The Lawh-i-Tibb is a well-known, oft-referenced tablet by Bahá'u'lláh and one of the few explicitly related to medicine and healing. While the health maxims contained in it are often the focus of popular interest, relatively little attention has been paid to other aspects of the tablet. Complicating the study of this important work is the lack of an authorized English translation. This paper, drawing on provisional translations, focuses on the tablet's historical context, its paradigms for the study and practice of medicine, its description of the ideal characteristics of a physician, and its foreshadowing of the evolution of medical science.
  • "Some rules for health" was published in Star of the West Vol 13 No 9 December 1922 and another reference was made in the Star of the West Vol 21 No 5 August 1930 p160.
  • For additional information on the Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet to a Physician) see this search on Bahá'í Library Online.
  • Akka; United States Bahaullah, Writings of; Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet to a Physician search">search

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    1. Additional Tablets, Extracts and Talks, by Abdu'l-Bahá (2018/2023). 167 selections, updated August 2023. [about]
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    3. Lawh-i-Tibb (Tablet to the Physician), The: Beyond Health Maxims, by Misagh Ziaei, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 29:3 (2019). On the tablet's historical context, as well as some of its guidance regarding the study and practice of medicine, including attributes its practitioners must acquire and maintain. [about]
    4. List of Baha'i Studies and Translations, by Stephen Lambden. A list of content available at Lambden's personal website, Hurqalya Publications, with select links to manuscripts, texts, introductions. Includes Shaykhi and Bábí studies, bibliographies, genealogies, provisional translations. [about]
    5. Paradise and Paradigm: Key Symbols in Persian Christianity and the Bahá'í Faith, by Christopher Buck (1999). Study of Bahá'í and Christian symbology, the "first academic monograph comparing Christianity and the Bahá'í Faith." [about]
    6. Sovereign Remedy, The: A Study of Bahá'í Sources, by Peter Terry (2000/2015). Quotations showing that Bahá'u'lláh and his authoritative interpreters state what fundamentalists of many faiths have been saying for centuries: that God's guidance revealed to humanity provides the best remedy for all human ills. [about]
    7. Symbolic Profile of the Bahá'í Faith, A, by Christopher Buck, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 8:4 (1998). A “symbolic profile” of Bahá’í consciousness as shaped by the writings of Bahá’u’lláh and ancillary texts: Ninian Smart’s dimensional model of religion is used to order and classify the symbols, together with insights from Sherry Ortner & John Wansbrough. [about]
    8. Tabla de la Medicina, by Bahá'u'lláh (2022). Spanish translation of Lawh-i-Tibb, from an English translation by S. Lambden. [about]
    9. Tablet of Medicine (Lawh-i-Tibb), by Bahá'u'lláh (n.d.). An anonymous translation of the Tablet to a Physician. [about]
    10. Tablet to a Physician (Lawh-i-Tibb), by Universal House of Justice (1989-06-08). Complete version of a letter which has been excerpted in various compilations. [about]
    11. Tablet to a Physician (Lawh-i-Tibb), by Universal House of Justice (2000-04-20). On translations of Bahá'u'lláh's "Tablet of Medicine/Tablet to the Physician"; includes a partial provisional translation. [about]
    12. Tablet to the Physician, or Tablet of Medicine (Lawh-i-Tibb): Notes, by Stephen Lambden, in Bahá'í Studies Bulletin, 6:4-7:2 (1992). [about]
    13. Tablet to the Physician, or Tablet of Medicine (Lawh-i-Tibb): Tablet study outline, by Jonah Winters (1999). [about]
    14. Tablette de la Médecine (Lawh-i-Tibb), by Bahá'u'lláh (2019). Tablette de Bahá’u’lláh (début 1870?). Traduction provisoire incluant une note de la Maison Universelle de Justice ainsi qu'un commentaire de Stephen Lambden. [about]
    15. Verge of the New, The: A Series of Talks, by Steven Phelps (2017-09-18). Introducing a way of looking at the past and future of religion in the context of the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment. Includes compilation of Writings on spiritual dislocation, science, language, spiritual evolution, nature, and revelation. [about]
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