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1941. 28 Jun - 2 Jul First summer School in Canada in Montreal was held in three different homes, the Schopflochers', the Salas' and the Maxwells'. Reports of the number of people attending vary from 17 to 25 to 30. Those attending were from Montreal, St. Lambert, Moncton, Hamilton, Toronto, (among them a new believer named John Robarts), Ottawa Rouyn, and Winnipeg. Three non-Bahá'ís also attended and enrolled shortly thereafter.

The varied program provided daily talks and discussions based on the outline ‘Deepening the Spiritual Life'; study of the first part of ‘The Promised Day Is Come' (led by Miss Winnifred Harvey); separate talks on ‘Bahá'í Administration' (Siegfried Schopflocher, Ragnar Mattson, and Lou Boudler); ‘Bahá'í Attitude towards Christianity' (Mrs. Agnes King); and ‘Post-War Reconstruction' (John De Mille). Lorol Schopflocher contributed an account of her journeys to Central America and the British West Indies, and Emeric and Rosemary Sala gave us stories of their experiences in Venezuela and Columbia. [OBCC268; BW9:28; TG84; BN No 149 December 1941 p5]

Montreal, QC Summer schools; Winnifred Harvey; Siegfried Schopflocher; Ragnar Mattson,; Lou Boudler; Agnes King; john De Mille; Lorol Schopflocher; Emeric Sala; Rosemary Sala; John Robarts
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