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1986 23 May Fourteen State Bahá'í Councils were elected in India by members of local spiritual assemblies. [BW19:162; VV99–100]
  • For a description of the Councils and their responsibilities see BW19:162–4.
  • The State Bahá'í Council was the forerunner for the Regional Bahá'í Council which was announced on the 30th of May, 1997.
India State Bahai Councils; Regional Bahai Councils
1991 (In the year) The administration of the Bahá'í Faith in Zaire was devolved to a system of subordinate regional councils. Congo, Democratic Republic of (DRC) Regional Bahai Councils Find ref
1997 30 May In its message of 30 May 1997 the Universal House of Justice announced that they have authorized the formation of "State Bahá'í Councils" or "Regional Teaching and Administrative Committees" to be called "Regional Bahá'í Councils. Their intention was to provide a balance between centralization and decentralization. This structure had been in place in some countries, notably India, for some years prior to this time. See 23 May, 1986. [TP87-90]
For a synopsis of the letter see The Establishment of Regional Bahá'í Councils in Certain Countries, Their Characteristics and Functions.
The distinguishing effects of the establishment of Regional Bahá'í Councils were the following:
  • It provided for a level of autonomous decision making on both teaching and administrative matters, as distinct from merely executive action, below the National Assembly and above the Local Assemblies.
  • It involved the members of Local Spiritual Assemblies of the area in the choice of the members of the Council, thus reinforcing the bond between it and the local believers while, at the same time, bringing into public service capable believers who were known to the friends in their own region.
  • It established direct consultative relationships between the Continental Counselors and the Regional Bahá'í Councils.
  • It offered the possibility of forming a Regional Bahá'í Council in an ethnically distinct region which covered parts of two or more countries. In such a situation the Council was designated to work directly under one of the National Assemblies involved, providing copies of its reports and minutes to the other National Assembly.
  • The greater degree of decentralization involved in the devolution of authority upon Regional Bahá'í Councils required a corresponding increase in the capacity of the National Spiritual Assembly itself to keep fully informed of what was proceeding in all parts of the territory over which it had ultimate jurisdiction.
  • BWC; Haifa State Bahai Councils; Regional Bahai Councils; National Spiritual Assemblies; NSA; Local Spiritual Assemblies; LSA; Administration; Regional Council
    1998 23 Nov The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States announced the results of the elections for their first Regional Councils. Four were elected in the regions corresponding to those mentioned in The Tablets of the Divine Plan. [Results of the First Regional Bahá'í Council Election] United States Regional Bahai Councils; Tablets of the Divine Plan; Regional Council
    2019. 6 - 7 Apr The Heroes Teaching Conference was an historic gathering of over 1,000 Baha'i adults, youth, junior youth and children, as well as some of their like-minded friends from all over Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Australia. It was organised by the Regional Bahá'í Council and Board of Counsellors, the program aimed to help its participants find their place in service to Bahá'u'lláh and humanity, by drawing on the heroism of the past, inspiring them to arise, through humble service, and become heroes of the Faith for this age. [Conference Website] Brisbane; Australia Heroes Teaching Conference; Conferences, Teaching; Conferences; Regional Bahai Councils

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    1. Establishment of Regional Bahá'í Councils in Certain Countries, Their Characteristics and Functions, The, by Universal House of Justice (1997-05-30). Outline of various policies governing the formation and functioning of Regional Bahá'í Councils. [about]
    2. Establishment of Regional Bahá'í Councils in the United States, by Universal House of Justice (1997-05-30). Announcement of the historic event of the founding of a new administrative level in the United States, the "Bahá'í Councils." [about]
    3. Establishment of Regional Councils: Introduction, by Universal House of Justice (1997-05-30). Nature, functioning, and establishment of the administrative bodies known as Regional Bahá'í Councils. [about]
    4. Reflections on the First Century of the Formative Age, by Universal House of Justice (2023-11-28). Overview of the Faith's developments and activities during the previous century, including the Guardianship, global expansion, community building and development, participation in societal discourse, and construction of the Bahá'í World Centre. [about]
    5. Regional Bahá'í Councils of the United States, Messages to, by Universal House of Justice (1997-12). In these two short letters, the House of Justice first sends greetings to the newly-formed United States' four Regional Bahá'í Councils, followed by the Councils' vow of firmness. [about]
    6. Results of the First Regional Bahá'í Council Election, by National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States (1997-11-23). Results of the first US Regional Bahá'í Councils election, posted here because it was a "historic event." [about]
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