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1954. 29 Aug - 5 Sep A summer school was held at the Banff School of Fine Arts attracting 41 adults and 12 children. Speakers were Florence Mayberry, who spoke on "Spiritual Dynamics", Ron Nablo, Rex King, (who had just recently pioneered to Anchorage. [CBN No 58 November, 1954 p4] Banff, AB Summer School; Florence Mayberry; Ron Nablo; Rex King
1965. Early Sep Ron and Edna Nablo and family opened the locality of Lucerne, QC. This area was later known as Aylmer and still later became Gatineau. The city of Gatineau was formed in 2002 following the amalgamation of the municipalities of Aylmer, Buckingham, Gatineau, Hull and Masson-Angers. [CBN Issue 189 October 1965 p2]

Don and Diana Dainty moved to Lucerne in June of 1967 [email from Catherine Carry dated 28 May 2020]

Lucerne, QC; Gatineau, QC Ron Nablo; Edna Nablo; Outaouais Cluster; Don Dainty; Diana Dainty
1968. Ridván The formation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Lucerne, QC. The founding members were: Beatrice B Major, Hedda Rakovsky, Hubert Schuurman, Don Dainty, Ron Nablo, Olga M Earwaker, Suzanne Schuurman, Diana Dainty, and Edna Nablo. [from an email 4 November 2022 from National Archivist Ailsa Hedly Leftwich] Lucerne, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Outaouais Cluster; Ron Nablo; Hubert Schuurman; Edna Nablo; Don Dainty; Diana Dainty; Susanne Schuurman; Hedda Rutkowski; Olga M Earwaker; Olga M Earwaker; Beatrice Major
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