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1926 30 Jan Martha Root met with Queen Marie of Romania for the first time. [BBR59; GBF42; GPB390; PP107, HEC49]
  • For the details of the meeting and the acceptance of the Faith by Queen Marie see GBP389–96, BW6p580 and MR240–6.
  • This was the first of eight meetings between Martha Root and Queen Marie.
  • Bucharest; Romania Martha Root; Queen Marie of Romania; Bahai royalty; Royalty
    1955 (In the year) The first indigenous Samoan to become a Bahá’í, Sa’ialala Tamasese, enrolled.
  • He was a member of one of the three royal families of Samoa. [BINS, No. 100, 1 MARCH 1979, p. 1]
  • Samoa First Bahais by country or area; Bahai royalty; Royalty
    1968 19 Feb His Highness Malietoa Tanumafili II of Western Samoa, the first reigning monarch to become a Bahá’í, wrote to the Universal House of Justice confirming his acceptance of the Faith. [BW15:180–3]
  • See Bahá'í Chronicles for the story of his enrollment.
  • Samoa Malietoa Tanumafili II of Western Samoa; Bahai royalty; Royalty; Firsts, Other
    2007 11 May The passing of His Highness Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II, the Samoan head of state. He was one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world and had been head of state since independence from New Zealand in 1962. [BWNS543; Bahá'í Chronicles] Samoa Malietoa Tanumafili II of Western Samoa; In memoriam; Births and deaths; Bahai royalty; Royalty; BWNS

    from the main catalogue

    1. Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Bahá'í Faith, by Della L. Marcus: Review, by Robert Postlethwaite, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 11:1-2 (2000). [about]
    2. Letters to Bahá'í princesses: Tablets revealed in honour of the women of Ibn-i Asdaq's household, by Dominic Parvis Brookshaw, in Lights of Irfan, Volume 5 (2004). A study and translation of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's tablets to the daughters of Hand of the Cause of God, Ibn-i Asdaq: Laqá'iyya, Huviyya, Rúhá and Talí`a. Includes various biographies and other tablets. [about]
    3. Queen Marie and the Baha'i Faith, by Robert Postlethwaite, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 6:2 (1994). On the first monarch to embrace the Bahá'í Faith; the stature and the character of Queen Marie and her unique position in the early 20th century; her identification as a Bahá'í and her plan to visit Haifa in 1929; her relationship with Martha Root. [about]
    4. Queen Marie of Romania: A Preliminary Bibliography, by Jan T. Jasion, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 6:2 (1994). Very few royals have left such a rich literary legacy as did Marie of Romania. She published novels, fairy tales, articles and essays for newspapers and magazines in Europe and North America, and she wrote of the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
    5. Shoghi Effendi in Oxford, by Riaz Khadem, and Her Eternal Crown, Queen Marie of Romania and the Bahá'í Faith, by Della Marcus: Reviews, by Lil Osborn, in Bahá'í Studies Review, 10 (2001). [about]
    6. Translation List: Provisional Translations of Baháʼí Literature (2009-2023). Index to talks, letters, and other items translated from Persian and Arabic to English by Adib Masumian; listed here for the sake of search engines and tagging. [about]
    7. Who Was a Bahá'í in the Upper Echelons of Qájár Iran?, by Moojan Momen, in Religions, 14:4 (2023). The nature of multiple religious identities in a traditional society; five criteria by which many individuals can be identified as having secretly been Bahá'ís in the ruling society and administration of Qájár Iran. Link to article (offsite). [about]
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