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1958 Mar The Indian Teaching Committee (Indigenous Teaching Committee) reported that there were several studying the Faith in the Piikani First Nation. This committee had received permission from the Indian (First Nation) Council to teach on the Reserve. [BN No 341 July 1959 p10]

The photo in this reference shows Indigenous believers of the Peigan Indian Reserve (Piikani First Nation), Blackfoot Confederacy, Alberta, Maggie Prairie Chicken, Rose Knowlton, Louise White Cow, Agnes Yellow Face, Councillor Samson Knowlton, Ben White Cow, Sam Yellow Face, and Allan (Otakkoyiisaapo'p) Prairie Chicken. Allan and Maggie Prairie Chicken were the first declarants of the Blackfoot nation in March 1958. [BN No 342 August 1959 p10]

  • Allan and his wife Maggie Prairie Chicken were the first Blackfoot (Peigan -Pikani) to declare as Baha'is. They declared in March 1958.
  • Sampson and Rosie Knowlton declared as Bahá'ís in 1958.
  • Louise and Ben White Cow declared around 1958-59.
  • Agnes and Sam Yellow Face Blackfoot Piikani Bahá'ís who declared around 1958-59. []
  • Piikani First Nation, AB Maggie Prairie Chicken; Rose Knowlton; Louise White Cow; Agnes Yellow Face; Samson Knowlton; Ben White Cow; Sam Yellow Face; Allan Prairie Chicken
    1961 Ridván The first Local Spiritual Assembly of Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve) was formed with Louise Whitecrow, Charles Strike-With-A-Gun, Rose Knowlton, Sam Yellow Face, Ben Whitecrow, Joyce McGuffie, Dale Olivier, Guy Yellow Wings and Chief Samson Knowlton [Canadian Baha'i News July 1961]. Piikani First Nation (Peigan Reserve), AB Louise Whitecrow; Charles Strike-With-A-Gun; Rose Knowlton; Sam Yellow Face; Ben Whitecrow; Joyce McGuffie; Dale Olivier; Guy Yellow Wings; Chief Samson Knowlton; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
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