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1917. (In the year) A Children’s Savings Company, which later was registered as Šerkat-e Now-nahālān, (literally `saplings) was founded in Qazvīn. The Nownahalan Company was founded as a thrift club for Bahá'í children in Iran. [BI13]
  • See BI13 for its non-profit and charitable activities
  • On 23 November 1919 ʿAbdu'l-Bahá wrote a prayer in which He sought God’s blessing for its success and durability. He also donated two gold coins of five rubles each to its capital. The company had about 9,000 shareholders with approximately 120 million rials (about $1,700,000) in assets in 1967, half a century after its establishment. [BAHAISM v. The Bahai Community in Iran by V. Rafati]
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