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  1. Distinguishing Personal Correspondence of Secretaries from Letters on Shoghi Effendi's Behalf, by Universal House of Justice (2019-02-18). Distinguishing letters on behalf of Shoghi Effendi from personal correspondence of secretaries. Also addresses authenticity of two letters attributed as being on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, published in the 1997 version of Messages to the Antipodes. [about]
  2. Letters Written on Behalf of the Guardian, by Universal House of Justice, in Lights of Irfan, Volume 8 (2007). Three questions: Letters Written on Behalf of Shoghi Effendi; Status of Research Department Memoranda; Bahá'í Writings Based in Fact? [about]
  3. Notes on Letter from Shoghi Effendi re Parental Consent for Marriage, by Universal House of Justice (2021-03-14). Answers re a letter from the Guardian from 1929 on: the correct order of two excerpts from this letter; confirmation that he read and approved all letters written by his secretaries; this is one of few letters where a secretary offered a personal opinion. [about]
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