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1986 2 Jan The Universal House of Justice ended the Counsellors’ Conference at the Bahá’í World Centre by announcing in a letter that the Bahá’í world has entered the fourth epoch in the Formative Age of the Cause. [AWH39–42; BBD79, 85; BW19:29; VV91]
  • The seven major objectives of the Six Year Plan, to begin at Ridván 1986, were outlined. [AWH40]
  • On the closing day of the Counsellors' Conference, the Universal House of Justice announced certain features of the Six Year Plan and the methods by which the national goals were to be worked out in consultation between the Counsellors and National Spiritual Assemblies. [Mess63-86p717]
  • The year from Ridván 1992 was designated a Holy Year. [AWH40–1]
  • Haifa; BWC Formative Age; Ages and Epochs; Holy Years; Six Year Plan (1986-1992); Counsellors conferences
    1986 - 1992 The Six Year Plan (1986-1992) was launched. [AWH40, 42–4; BBRSM159; VV91]
  • In its message of 2 January 1986 the Universal House of Justice announced a new process whereby the national goals of the new Plan were to be largely formulated by the National Spiritual Assemblies and the Boards of Counsellors.
  • See the message of the 25 February 1986 for the major objectives and national goals of the plan. [Mess63-86p717-723]
  • See BW20p115 for the report on the Six Year Plan.
  • BWC Six Year Plan (1986-1992); Teaching Plans
    1992 Apr 20 The Six Year Plan was successfully completed. [BW20p115]
  • For the major accomplishments of the Plan see AWH97–102, 187–8 and VV126.
  • The Faith was represented in every country. 1.5 million enrolled during the Plan. [Ridván Message 1992]
  • With more that 5 million people enrolled, Bahá'ís lived in 217 independent countries, territories and islands representing 2,112 tribes, minorities and ethnic groups. [Ridván Message 1992] [VV126]
  • Literature was translated into 802 languages and tribal tongues. [Ridván Message 1992] [VV126]
  • The proclamation of the Faith entered a new phase from the proclamation of 1967 in commemoration of Bahá'u'lláh's proclamation to the kings to the opportunities offered by the Iránian revolution in 1979 to the distribution of The Promise of World Peace.
  • The dedication of the House of Worship in New Delhi.
  • The emergence of the Faith from obscurity.
  • The increase in the number of projects of social and economic development.
  • The involvement of youth in the service to the Faith. The concept of the "year of service" was initiated.
  • The advances in the consolidation of the Bahá'í administrative as marked by the improvement in internal development and the collaborative efforts of its two arms.
  • The inauguration of the great building projects on Mount Carmel.
  • Six Year Plan (1986-1992); Youth, Year of service; Teaching Plans

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    1. Six-Year Plan, 1986, by Universal House of Justice (1986). Outline of Bahá'í goals for 1986-1992, and collection of letters from the House. [about]
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