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1982 29 Dec The passing of Stanwood Cobb, (b. November 6 Newton, Massachusetts, 1881 – d. December 29, 1982) noted Bahá'í lecturer, educator and author at his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland at the age of 101 after 75 years of service to the Cause.
  • His first exposure to the Faith was in 1906 at Green Acre where he attended a conference during his studies at Harvard Divinity School where he was preparing for the Unitarian ministry. [Wikipedia]
  • While serving as a college instructor in Constantinople, disguised as a Turk, he made a visit to 'Abdu'l-Bahá in Akka while He was still a prisoner. He met Him again in 1910 and while He was in Paris and the United States during His Western travels.
  • He was the author of some 30 books and numerous articles. Some of his publications can be found on Bahá'í Library.
  • He served as an editor of Star of the West until 1939 and was a co-editor of World Order.
  • He founded Avalon Press in 1935 through which he published his works. [Wikipedia]
  • One of his essays entitled The Continuity of Religion was first published in The Bahá’í World Volume VI, 1934-1936.
  • Bahá'í Chronicles.
  • Chevy Chase; United States Stanwood Cobb; In Memoriam; Births and deaths

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    1953. 8 - 15 Aug The annual Ontario Summer Conference was held this year at Geneva Park, Lake Couchiching, a Y.M.C.A. camp. There was an attendance of about 90 for the entire week, with about 120 for the first weekend.
  • The principal speaker for the occasion was Dr. Stanwood Cobb of Washington, D.C., well-known lecturer and author of many books on the spiritual aspect of the Faith. The subject of his series of lectures was "Deepening the Spiritual Life".
  • A course on "The Art of Consultation" was conducted by Violet Wuerfel, of Detroit.
  • Margery McCormick, of Chicago, brought the warmth of her loving personality to the conference and was instrumental in conducting daily classes for inquirers drawn from the staff and other guests of the camp.
  • Gisela Commanda, of the nearby Rama Indian Reservation, (Rama First Nation) gave interesting and informative talks on the life of the Indian and had several displays on hand. Several Baha'is visited the Reservation and made valuable contacts.
  • Lake Couchiching, ON Ontario Summer Conference; Stanwood Cobb; Violet Wuerfel; Margery McCormick; Gisela Commanda
    1957 Summer The Laurentian Summer School was held at Beaulac. The presenters were Margery McCormick, Mehdi Firoozi and Stanwood Cobb. [CBN NO92 September 1957 p4; CBN No 93 Oct 1957 p3]
  • It was described as the most successful Conference held at Beaulac with over 80 Bahá'ís and friends in attendance.
  • Beaulac, QC Laurentian Summer School; Margery McCormick: Mehdi Firoozi: Stanwood Cobb

    from the main catalogue

    1. Ayesha of the Bosphorus: A Romance of Constantinople, by Stanwood Cobb (1915). A novella combining fiction with scenes from the lives of Abdu'l-Bahá and the Bahá'ís in Haifa in the early 1900s. Includes introduction by Bei Dawud. [about]
    2. Character: A Sequence in Spiritual Psychology, by Stanwood Cobb (1938). A spiritual autobiography; scientific and religious foundations for character; self-development; the law of duty; altruism and selflessness; progress. Includes discussion of two days spent with Abdu'l-Bahá in 1908. [about]
    3. Cobb, Stanwood and Ida Nayan Whitlam: Bios and photos from "Find a Grave" (2014). Short biographies of Stanwood Cobb and his wife Ida. [about]
    4. Difficulties of the Young Turk Party, The, by Stanwood Cobb, in The North American Review, 195:674 (1912-01). Reflections on the character and political fortunes of the Young Turks, written shortly before the partitioning of Ottoman empire. [about]
    5. Essential Mysticism, The, by Stanwood Cobb (1918). Clarification of some of the spiritual problems of humanity; the real value of Oriental mysticism; the mystery of the soul of man in terms not of psychology but of daily life; the value of spirituality in daily life. [about]
    6. In His Presence: Visits to 'Abdu'l-Bahá, by Roy Wilhelm and Stanwood Cobb (1989). Re-publication of Wilhelm's Knock and It Shall Be Opened Unto You (1908), Cobb's Memories of 'Abdu'l-Bahá (1962), and Coy's A Week in 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Home (1921). Text missing quotation marks. [about]
    7. Islamic Contributions to Civilization, by Stanwood Cobb (1963). Overview of the many inventions and sciences which were developed by or transmitted by Islamic people and nations. [about]
    8. Memories of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, by Stanwood Cobb (1962). Recollections by eminent American Bahá'í author Cobb (1881–1982). [about]
    9. New Horizons for the Child, by Stanwood Cobb (1934). Understanding the child; character training; home life; the child as an individual; limitations of activity education; children as creative and active beings; romanticism vs. classicism; builders of civilization. Includes 20 pages of childrens' poetry. [about]
    10. New Leaven, The: Progressive Education and Its Effect upon the Child and Society, by Stanwood Cobb (1928). On principles of the new education; revolutionizing pedagogy and transforming the child; importance of social engagement in schools; the ages of enrollment of children and preparatory schools, from nursery-primary through secondary school to college. [about]
    11. Real Turk, The, by Stanwood Cobb (1914). Reflections on three years spent in Turkey during the rise of the Young Turk Party and the downfall of Abdul Hamid; the character of the Turkish, their temperament, and their way of looking at life. [about]
    12. Security for a Failing World, by Stanwood Cobb (1934). An overview of the influence of religion on the world and its relation to modern problems. Bahá'í precepts are included in the text without the work being a strictly introductory work on the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
    13. Simla, a Tale of Love, by Stanwood Cobb (1919). A Hindu legend retold in poetic form: a story of love and devotion that reconciles flesh and spirit, love and life, the world and the soul. [about]
    14. Tomorrow and Tomorrow, by Stanwood Cobb (1951). On worries about the future; the New World Order; solutions of economic problems; prejudice; one world language; science and religion; education. [about]
    15. Unity of Nations, The, by Stanwood Cobb, in Bahá'í World, Vol. 7 (1936-1938) (1938). A look six decades into the future (from 1938) to envision the Lesser Peace. [about]
    16. What Is God?, by Stanwood Cobb (1955). Poetic meditations on the nature of God and our search for the divine, "an attempt to open up vistas into the Infinite in a way that prose could not accomplish." [about]
    17. What Stanwood Cobb Told Me about 'Abdu'l-Bahá, by Jack McLean (2007-08-12). Reflections on Cobb's life and his recollections of Abdu'l-Bahá, partly based on two personal interviews. [about]
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