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1927 1 Aug Geyserville Bahá'í Summer School, the first American Bahá'í summer school, was established on property in California donated by John Bosch. It was to operate until 1973 when a new road project divided the property. The land was sold and the funds used to purchase land in the mountains above the coastal town of Santa Cruz. The new school was named In honour of John and Louise Bosch. [BBD87; BW10:180; GPB340, Bosch]
  • BW5:28–9 says this was the second Bahá'í summer school in America but Shoghi Effendi indicates in GPB340 that Green Acre is formally established as a Bahá'í summer school in 1929.
  • Geyserville; California; United States Summer schools; First summer and winter schools; John Bosch; Green Acre
    1929 12 Aug Green Acre became a fully fledged Bahá'í summer school when the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada obtained legal title to the property. [BBD91; GAP118; GPB340; SBBH126, Green Acre] Eliot; Maine; United States Summer schools; Green Acre
    1931 May A permanent summer school is established at Louhelen Ranch near Davison, Michigan. [BW10:181; GPB340] Davison; Michigan; United States Summer schools
    1931 (Summer) The first German Bahá'í summer school was held, at Esslingen. [BBRSM182; BW5:44]
  • UD98 and BW5p30 put this date as 1932.
  • Esslingen; Germany Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1936 summer Britain held its first Bahá'í summer school. [GT137; UD109] United Kingdom First summer and winter schools; Summer schools
    1938 Sep The first Bahá'í summer school to be held in India took place in Simla. [BBRSM194; BW8:199] Shimla; Himachal Pradesh; India Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1940 (in the decade) The first Egyptian Bahá'í summer school was held in the mid-1940s. Egypt Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1946 (In the year) The first Bahá'í summer school in Argentina was held in Ezeiza. [BW11:45] Ezeiza; Argentina Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1950. 28 - 30 Jul The First European Teaching Summer School was held in Elsinore, Denmark. [SBBR14p243] Elsinore; Denmark Summer schools
    1957 28 - 30 Sep First Bahá'í Summer School held in Taiwan. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p21] Taiwan Summer schools; First summer and winter schools find reference
    1957 Dec The first summer school in Malaysia was held at Malacca. Malacca; Malaysia First summer and winter schools; Summer schools
    1961 Oct The first summer school to be held on Rarotonga Island took place. Rarotonga; Cook Islands First summer and winter schools; Summer schools; Islands
    1967 Mar The first Bahá'í summer school in Liberia began. [BW14:174] Liberia Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1968 summer The first summer school to be held in Ireland bagin. Ireland Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1980 Mar The first Bahá'í Summer School of the Cameroon Republic was held in Victoria. [BW18:166] Victoria; Cameroon Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1988 8 May The passing of Beatrice Owen Ashton (b. 17 May, 1890, Cleveland). She was buried in the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. [BW20p896-899]
  • She graduated from Vassar College in 1911 and in 1918 she learned of the Faith in Urbana, IL from Dr Jacob and Anna Kunz after meeting some Bahá'ís who had been picnicking. (See BW16p520 for In Memoriam for Anna Kunz)
  • In August of 1918 she married Frank Ashton at Green Acre. In post-war 1945, the National Spiritual Assembly appointed her as the international relief representative for Germany and the Philippines. During the summers from 1947 to 1953 she undertook teaching trips to Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In April of 1952 she went on pilgrimage and met the Guardian for the first time. [BN no262, December, 1952 p5-7]
  • In addition to administrative tasks she worked on the production of Bahá'í World XIII and taught summer school classes at Green Acre, Louhelen and Geyserville as well as Beaulac, Banff and Toronto in Canada.
  • She pioneered to Lethbridge, Alberta from 1958 to 1966 and taught the Faith on the Peigan Reserve (now Piikini First Nation). When the Bahá'ís of Lethbridge elected their first Local Spiritual Assembly she went back to European teaching and made four trips to Norway by 1970.
  • From 1970 she served in Haifa in the Research Department, cataloging and indexing the Guardian's letters and correspondence but in 1972 she had to return to the US due to failing health.
  • In her latter years she made an index for Citadel of Faith as well as for Messages to America and indexed the Writings of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh that Shoghi Effendi had translated.
  • Find a grave.
  • Cleveland; OH; Lethbridge; Canada Beatrice Owen Ashton; Beatrice Ashton; Travel teaching; Summer schools
    1989 25 – 29 Dec The first International Bahá'í Summer School of Bophuthatswana was held at the Pilanesberg National Game Reserve, attended by 263 people from 12 countries. [BINS215:1–2] Bophuthatswana; South Africa Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1990 8 – 11 Jul The first summer school of Czechoslovakia was held in Jindrichuv Hradec, attended by 24 Bahá'ís from eight countries. [BINS230:2] Jindrichuv Hradec; Czechoslovakia Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1990 19 – 21 Oct The first summer school of Cape Verde was held in Tarrafal, attended by 30 people. [BINS247:8] Tarrafal; Cape Verde Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1991 15 – 21 Jul The first summer school of Sikkim was held in Saramsa. [BINS257:6] Saramsa; Sikkim; India Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1992 21 – 23 Aug The first National Summer School of Bulgaria was held in Stara Zagora, attended by 75 people. [BINS278:1–2] Stara Zagora; Bulgaria Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1993 24 – 26 Dec The first summer school of Angola was held in Luanda, attended by more than 20 Bahá'ís. [BINS309:1] Luanda; Angola Summer schools; First summer and winter schools
    1994 Jul 6 – 10 The first Children's Bahá'í Summer School of Pakistan was held in Abbottabad, attended by 13 children. [BINS324:5] Abbottabad; Pakistan Summer schools

    from the chronology of Canada

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    1941. 28 Jun - 2 Jul First summer School in Canada in Montreal was held in three different homes, the Schopflochers', the Salas' and the Maxwells'. Reports of the number of people attending vary from 17 to 25 to 30. Those attending were from Montreal, St. Lambert, Moncton, Hamilton, Toronto, (among them a new believer named John Robarts), Ottawa Rouyn, and Winnipeg. Three non-Bahá'ís also attended and enrolled shortly thereafter.

    The varied program provided daily talks and discussions based on the outline ‘Deepening the Spiritual Life'; study of the first part of ‘The Promised Day Is Come' (led by Miss Winnifred Harvey); separate talks on ‘Bahá'í Administration' (Siegfried Schopflocher, Ragnar Mattson, and Lou Boudler); ‘Bahá'í Attitude towards Christianity' (Mrs. Agnes King); and ‘Post-War Reconstruction' (John De Mille). Lorol Schopflocher contributed an account of her journeys to Central America and the British West Indies, and Emeric and Rosemary Sala gave us stories of their experiences in Venezuela and Columbia. [OBCC268; BW9:28; TG84; BN No 149 December 1941 p5]

    Montreal, QC Summer schools; Winnifred Harvey; Siegfried Schopflocher; Ragnar Mattson,; Lou Boudler; Agnes King; john De Mille; Lorol Schopflocher; Emeric Sala; Rosemary Sala; John Robarts
    1941. (Summer) The war years brought an unexpected development in the Bahá'í community in Canada. Government restrictions on foreign currency exchange reduced the attendance by Canadian Bahá'ís at the Green Acre and Geyserville summer schools in the United States. After the 1941 National Convention, Rowland Estall was charged with the start—up of Bahá'í summer schools and conferences in Canada. With the financial help of Siegfried Schopfiocher, the first such gathering took place in Montreal from late June to early July of that year. A month later the Ontario Bahá'ís hosted a summer school at Rice Lake, and a summer session took place in Vernon, British Colombia. From then on summer schools became a regular feature of Canadian Bahá'í life. [BWM48-49] Montreal, QC; Rice Lake, ON; Vernon, BC Summer schools

    from the main catalogue

    1. Centres of Bahá'í Learning, by Shoghi Effendi and Universal House of Justice, in Compilation of Compilations, Volume 1 (1991). [about]
    2. Collections of Audio and Video Talks: Lists of Speakers and Titles, by Various (?-2020). List of talks and presentations in Video or Audio format found at other sites; included here for reference and keyword indexing. [about]
    3. Deepening Our Knowledge and Understanding of the Faith, The Importance of, by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá, in Compilation of Compilations, Volume 1 (1991). [about]
    4. Lights of Guidance: A Bahá'í Reference File, by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá (1988). The classic Bahá'í reference book. This is its first online edition. [about]
    5. Meditation, Prayer, and Spiritualization, by Universal House of Justice (1983-09-01). Practicing personal spirituality and methods for achieving spiritual growth. [about]
    6. Reminiscences of the Summer School Green Acre Eliot, Maine, by Charles Mason Remey (1949). On the evolution of Green Acre from a meeting place for New England intellectuals and religious speakers into a Bahá'í-managed summer school; Sarah Farmer's family and her personal difficulties; personalities of some early Bahá'ís; anecdotes by Remey. [about]
    7. Spiritual Growth, Essential Requisites for, by Universal House of Justice (1983-09-01). Letter to Europe, its historically-recent turn away from religion, six ways to improve spirituality, and the importance of prayer and meditation. [about]
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