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1998 Ridván The National Convention was held in the Bahá'í Shrine in Montreal the location of the first National Convention 50 years previous. Those elected were: : Husayn Banani, Glen Eyford. Judy Filson, Margot Leonard, Susan Lyons, Karen McKye. Reginald Newkirk, Louise Profeit-Leblanc, and Enayat Rawhani. [CBN Vol 11 No 3 Jul 1998 p11] Montreal, QC National Convention; National Spiritual Assembly, election of; Husayn Banani; Glen Eyford; Judy Filson; Margot Leonard; Susan Lyons; Karen McKye; Reginald Newkirk; Louise Profeit-Leblanc; Enayat Rawhani
2002. 25 - 29 Apr The 53rd National Convention was held at the Toronto Bahá'í Centre. Those elected were: Judy Filson, (Secretary) Karen McKye, (Chairman and Assistant Secretary), Susan Lyons, (Assistant Secretary), Margot Leonard, Enayat Rawhani, Susanne Tamas, (Vice-Chairman), Mark Wedge, Gordon Naylor, Husayn Banani, (Treasurer). [BC Vol 15 No 2 June 2002 p12] Toronto, ON National Convention; National Spiritual Assembly, election of; Judy Filson; Karen McKye; Susan Lyons; Margot Leonard; Enayat Rawhani; Susanne Tamas; Mark Wedge; Gordon Naylor; Husayn Banani
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