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2019. 6 - 7 Apr The Heroes Teaching Conference was an historic gathering of over 1,000 Baha'i adults, youth, junior youth and children, as well as some of their like-minded friends from all over Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Australia. It was organised by the Regional Bahá'í Council and Board of Counsellors, the program aimed to help its participants find their place in service to Bahá'u'lláh and humanity, by drawing on the heroism of the past, inspiring them to arise, through humble service, and become heroes of the Faith for this age. [Conference Website] Brisbane; Australia Heroes Teaching Conference; Conferences, Teaching; Conferences; Regional Bahai Councils

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1950. 30 Dec - 1 Jan The National University Teaching Committee sponsored a teaching conference in the home of Audry and Dick Westheuser. Christian, Muslim and Bahá'í students attended. [CBN No 18 March 1951 p4] Rice Lake, ON; Teaching Conference
1951. 27 - 31 Aug More than 30 people attended the Banff Conference which was held at Holliday House Mrs. Helen Bishop, of Portland, presented a masterly course on The Book of Certitude, Mr. Bob Donnelly, of Regina, gave some very enlightening information of pioneering, substantiated by carefully prepared maps and diagrams. The children presented "A Child Shall Lead Them", under the guidance of Lulu Barr, of Regina. The Calgary believers were responsible for the daily devotions, and several plays, written by Alan Fraser of West Vancouver, were produced in an impromptu manner. The public meeting, held on the 31st of August, at which Helen Bishop was the speaker, attracted a number of local residents, one cf whom asked the Bahá'ís to hold a monthly fireside in his home. [CBN No 22 Oct 1951 p4] Banff, AB Teaching Conference; Helen Bishop; Bob Donnelly; Lulu Barr; Alan Fraser
1951. 8 - 9 Sep A two-day Teaching Conference was held in West Vancouver and was attended by representative of all BC communities. The visiting speakers were Helen and Charles Bishop of Portland, and Mark Tobey, of Seattle. The topics were Knowledge and Faith. [CBN No 22 October 1951 p5] Vancouver, BC Teaching Conference; Helen Bishop; Charles Bishop; Mark Tobey
1953. 3 - 4- 5- 6- May The All-American Intercontinental Teaching Conference was held in Chicago for delifileration on plans designed to establish the Faith in all unoccupied territories of the West and also to adopt measures to assist other National Assemblies. Through the association in this Conference of the four National Spiritual Assemblies of the West, and the consecrated consultation of a great throng of Bahá'ís from Canada, the United States, Central America and South America, the dynamic spirit will be created for the launching of our role in the great World Crusade.
  • The Jubilee Program included the National Convention of the the Bahá'ís of the United States, a series of public meetings, the dedication of the House of Worship on the 2nd of may and an International Conference. The whole program ran from the 29th of April until the 6th of May. [CBN No 35 November 1952 p2]
  • Chicago, IL; Wilmette, IL All-American Intercontinental Teaching Conference; Teaching Conference
    1953. 26 - 27 Sep In Toronto over 70 Bahá'ís from 15 localities registered for the conference. A wall-size map of the province, with the assemblies and goals marked, provided visual aid in grasping the scope of the task facing the Bahá'ís of Ontario. [CBN No 46 November 1953 p5] Toronto, ON; Teaching Conference
    1953. 26 - 27 Sep In Winnipeg, where the conference met in the Cowan home, relaxation from more serious discussion was achieved by a play "The Fireside Wood is Green" presented by the Community Players. [CBN No 46 November 1953 p5] Winnipeg, MB Teaching Conference
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