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1910. (In the year) The publication of The Mysterious Forces of Civilisation; Written in Persian by an eminent Bahai Philosopher translated y Johanna Dawud in London by Cope & Fenwick and in Chicago by the Bahá'í Publishing Society in 1910 and 1918. [BEL 3-79 p12] London,UK Johanna Dawud; Yuhanna Dawud
1914. (In the year) The publication of The River of Life: A Selection from the teachings of Baha Allah and Abdul Baha as translated by Johanna Dawud published in London by Cope & Fenwick. [Collins4-249 p27] London; UK Johanna Dawud; Yuhanna Dawud
1918. (In the year) The publication of Excerpts from Mysterious Forces of Civilization, Written by an Eminent Bahai Philosopher in 1975: Excerpts from A Traveler's Narrative Written to Illustrate the Episode of the Bab. No publication information. [Collins3-43 p10]
  • A leather bound republication has been made of the 1918 edition. []
  • The text of this work as well as the translation done by Marzieh Gail and and the original Persian text have been laid out in one document by Bruce Barick and Nasrin Khademi. A pdf of this document has also been made available on Bahá'í
  • Wilmette; IL Bruce Barick; Nasrin Khademi; Johanna Dawud; Yuhanna Dawud

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    1. Mysterious Forces of Civilization (Secret of Divine Civilization), by Abdu'l-Bahá (1918). Three texts side-by-side: Dawud's 1918 translation, the 1957 Gail translation, and the original Persian text. [about]
    2. River of Life, The: A Selection from the Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá (1914). An early book-length compilation, edited and translated by Dawud. [about]
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