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1961 Jan - Feb Hand of the Cause of God Dr Rahmatu’lláh Muhájir traveled to India and demonstrated the principle of mass teaching. [DM172–84; SBBH2:165–7]
  • Mass teaching began in the rural area of Madhya Pradesh among the Hindu population. In 1961 there were 850 Bahá’ís; in 1963 87,000; by 1973 nearly 400,000; and by 1987 about two million. In 1983 45 per cent of all local spiritual assemblies were in India. [BBRSM195; BW13:299]
  • Madhya Pradesh; India Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Activities; Rahmatullah Muhajir; Mass conversion; Mass teaching; Teaching; LSA; Statistics; Growth
    1961 8 Jul The Custodians announced that mass conversion had begun in Ceylon, Central and East Africa, and Bolivia, while in Canada native peoples had begun to enter the Faith. [MoC293] Sri Lanka; Africa; Bolivia; Canada Custodians; Mass conversion; Native Americans; First Nations
    1962 (In the year) Thirty thousand new Bahá’ís enrolled in India in six months. [VV9] India Mass conversion
    1968 (In the year) Over a thousand new believers enrolled in Ethiopia. [BW15:186] Ethiopia Mass conversion
    1970 - early 1971 Over 20,000 Afro-Americans from the rural areas of the south-eastern United States became Bahá’ís. [BBRSM187] United States Mass conversion
    1970 Apr - Aug More than 6,000 people became Bahá’ís in Bolivia. [BW15:232] Bolivia Mass conversion
    1970 May One thousand Guajiro Indians became Bahá’ís in Venezuela. [BW15:241] Venezuela Native Americans; Mass conversion
    1971 (In the year) Over 500 people became Bahá’ís in Bangladesh. [BINS86] Bangladesh Mass conversion
    1971 27 – 30 Aug The first Bahá’í Youth Conference for Western Asia took place in New Delhi. [BW15:335]
  • Two thousand people enrolled during the conference and the week following. [BW15:335]
  • New Delhi; India; Asia Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Youth; Youth; First conferences; Mass conversion
    1988 Jun Over 100,000 people, including large numbers of women, youth and families, became Bahá’ís in Uttar Pradesh, India. [BINS179:4] Uttar Pradesh; India Mass conversion
    1988 Jul In 18 days of teaching, 876 adults, youth and children became Bahá’ís in Haiti. [BINS181:7]
  • Reports from the National Spiritual Assembly in September indicated that 2,371 people enrolled in the first phase of the teaching campaign.
  • Haiti Mass conversion
    1988 Sep A teaching project in Maddhya Pradesh, India, enrolled 20,000 new Bahá’ís in Morena District. [BINS185:4] Madhya Pradesh; India Mass conversion
    1988 Oct In the State of Orissa, India, 2,600 people became Bahá’ís and 16 new local spiritual assemblies were formed in 15 days. Orissa; India Mass conversion; LSA
    1988 Oct One hundred and twenty people in Hong Kong and 280 in Macau become Bahá’ís as a result of teaching institutes. [BINS189:8]
  • A later report stateed that more than 600 people in Macau had become Bahá’ís. [BINS194:3]
  • Hong Kong; Macau Teaching Institutes; Mass conversion
    1988 Nov More than 2,500 people enrolled in Bangladesh. [BINS190:5]
  • A later report indicated that over 5,000 people had become Bahá’ís and 108 new local spiritual assemblies formed. [BINS192:1]
  • Bangladesh Mass conversion; LSA
    1988 Nov - Dec One thousand one hundred people became Bahá’ís in the State of Gujarat, India. [BINS190:5] Gujarat; India Mass conversion
    1988 Nov - Dec Six hundred people became Bahá’ís in West Bengal and 5,150 in Orissa, India. [BINS189:4–5] West Bengal; Orissa; India Mass conversion
    1988 26 Nov - 4 Dec Over a thousand people became Bahá’ís in Bolivia during a teaching project. [BINS189:2]
  • A later report indicated that over 2,000 people had become Bahá’ís. [BINS195:1]
  • Bolivia Mass conversion
    1988 Nov - 1989 Feb Teaching projects were launched in the Philippines, resulting in 3,847 people becoming Bahá’ís. [BINS195:4] Philippines Mass conversion
    1988 4 Dec A two-week teaching project was launched, resulting in 414 people becoming Bahá’ís, including ten chiefs. [BINS192:4] Mass conversion
    1989 (In the year) More than 250 people became Bahá’ís in Zambia in the first three months of the year. [BINS201:6] Zambia Mass conversion
    1989 (In the year) During a three-week teaching effort on the island of Tobago, 450 people became Bahá’ís. [BINS201:7] Trinidad and Tobago Teaching; mass conversion
    1989 May Nearly 880 people became Bahá’ís in Guyana. [BINS202:8] Guyana mass conversion
    1989 May The Olinga Teaching Project was launched in Fiji, resulting in over a thousand people becoming Bahá’ís. [BINS204:3] Fiji mass conversion
    1989 Aug Forty Bahá’ís from Réunion, Mauritius, Seychelles and France joined a teaching campaign in Madagascar during which 724 people become Bahá’ís. [BINS217:4] Madagascar mass conversion
    1989 Oct - Nov In India, 4,300 people became Bahá’ís in the State of Orissa. [BINS213:3] Orissa; India Mass conversion
    1989 Oct The National Spiritual Assembly of Bangladesh reported the enrolment of 7,500 people in the year since November 1988. [BINS210:1] Bangladesh mass conversion
    1990 (In the year) The Purest Branch Project in Belize resulted in over a thousand people becoming Bahá'ís from the Garifuna population around Dangriga. Belize; Dangriga Teaching campaigns; mass conversion Find ref
    1993 (In the year) More than 10,000 people became Bahá'ís in Bangladesh. [BINS318:8; BINS319:1] Bangladesh Mass conversion
    1995 Aug More than 7,000 people became Bahá'ís in Haiti in two weeks. [BINS348:3] Haiti Mass conversion

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