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1947 Oct Noel Wuttunee (Eagle's Tail Feathers) a Cree from Calgary was the first Indigenous Canadian to join the community. [Bahá'í Canada Site; OBCC153]
  • Mention in CBN No38 Feb 1953 p6, "Gerda and Noel Wuttunee are at present residing in this community at 10958 - 84th Avenue and will remain in Edmonton for the winter."
  • In 1950 he served on the "Prairies Indian Committee". [CBN No 15 September 1950]
  • He may have been a resident of Winnipeg originally. [OBCC209-210, 227]
  • See OBCC144 for a photo.
  • See BW12p793 for a photo of Noel and his wife.
  • Edmonton, AB; Calgary, AB noel wuttunee; Eagles Tail Feathers; Prairie Indian Committee
    1947 Nov Noel Wuttunee and Gerda Chrostopherson, both who had recently moved from Calgary, accepted the Faith and were married in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p19] Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB Noel Wuttunee; Gerda Chrostopherson; Marriage
    1997 March The passing of Noel Wuttunee. Mr. Wuttunee was the first Native Canadian to accept the Faith in Canada. He passed away in Seattle, WA. He was well-known in the mid-fifties and early sixties for his evocative artwork and his ability to teach the Faith to his people. He was taught the Faith by fellow artist Gerda Christofferson, whom he later married. Mr. Wuttunee had lived in the United States since the mid-sixties. [BC vol 9 issue 3 Sept 1996 p27]
  • Gerda Christofferson passed away in Calgary 14 July 2012. [Calgary Herald]
  • Seattle, WA; Calgary, AB Noel Wuttunee; Gerda Christofferson
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