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Periodic volumes that survey the global activities and major achievements of the Faith.
See also In Memoriam. See all issues of Bahá'í World, in both HTML and PDF formats, at, and a newer official version at

The Bahá'í World:
Volume 14 (1963-1968)

compiled by / on behalf of Universal House of Justice
published in Bahá'í World
Haifa, Israel: Bahá'í World Centre, 1974

1. PDF of image scans.
Partial — only goes up to page 481

Before clicking the links below, note that these are large files.

Download: bahai_world_volume_14a.pdf [PDF, 83 MB].
Download: bahai_world_volume_14b.pdf [PDF, 95 MB].

2. Text version, not fully proofread or formatted.
Complete (?) — goes up to page 681

Download: uhj_bahai_world_14.txt [2MB]

3. See also this volume in partial HTML and another version of PDF at:á'í World/Volume_14
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